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Welcome to socialmum.com. We’re so glad you stopped by.

We wanted to share a bit about the writers for Social Mum.

There are now five of us bloggers contributing to this site. We are all friends and moms, living across the United States. Our children are all different ages, from four to 24.

We derive many of stories and posts from what we see online and encounter in real life. We aren’t sharing our names so that we can keep our posts confidential.

While we always strive to be professional, our intent would never be to single anyone out, and we certainly wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Some of us are more outspoken than the others. Yet, we all believe there are some things you shouldn’t say, especially on social media… hence, our name: Social Mum.

We hope you enjoy our musings about being a mom and raising kids in this digital age.

We write a lot about how adults use social media, particularly Facebook — our favorite. (But that’s mostly because we haven’t made time to figure out the others.)

about the writers at socialmum.com

We are sort of obsessed with social behaviors and hope some of our posts will resonate with you. After all, us mums are in this together. Aren’t we all trying our very best in this amped-up age of socializing online?

So cozy up on the couch, or stay in bed a little longer, and know you are not alone. Hopefully you will relate to much of what we notice.

We are the Social Mums…

about socialmum.com


Now the primary contributor to this site, Shelly, is a mum with three cubs. Facebook has been a blessing, enabling her to keep up with friends near and far.


As one of the founders of socialmum.com, Sheila has a journalism background. She now works from home, editing educational and financial journals. Forever involved in her kids’ schools, she has two teenagers and lives in the east coast.


An avid reader and writer, Kate contributes to various websites across the land with her humor and wit. She lives in the Denver area with her clan of kids and five dogs. She has moved a lot with her family and has learned tons from the experience, mostly about who is who wherever she blossoms.


There’s Jennie who finds humor in the mundane and brings a love of statistics and irony to her posts. You will find her substituting at her children’s school, gardening, or hanging out online. (Her sister, Brit, wrote for socialmum.com early on and still occasionally blogs for us as well!)


Meet our newest contributor, Paula. She has four children, spanning the ages of elementary school to post college. She and her family have moved a lot. They’ve been involved with 18 schools to date! Read her posts about getting involved in your child’s school and making and keeping mom friends when you move.

Love us with your Likes

We welcome your ideas and love reading about extraordinary Facebook posts and other social media posts you’ve seen. So please email us at mum@socialmum.com to share your what you’ve seen in your Newsfeed.

We love all things Facebook and would love to know how it plays a role in your life.

Please Like us on Facebook too. After all, we love to get more Likes!

Mum’s the word,

Shelly, Sheila, Kate, Jennie, and Paula



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