Pros and Cons of Facebook | The Great and Not So Great!

Siren song of Facebook

What are the pros and cons Facebook? There are many! Facebook gives us a way to connect with friends and family, near and far. There are many advantages of Facebook. Like with all good things, there are some disadvantages of Facebook too. It’s difficult to stay off. Sometime we use too much time on it. But the cons of Facebook are really because it’s so great…. We get sucked into it because we enjoy it so much. Below we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook. Pros and Cons of Facebook People use Facebook in many different ways. Some people … Read more

Someone doesn’t accept your Friend Request on Facebook: Now what?

someone not accepting friend request

When someone doesn’t accept your friend request on Facebook, it’s upsetting. You put yourself out there and were ignored or denied. You have a right to be hurt, embarrassed and mad. Someone not accepting your friend request can mean different things depending on the situation. Here’s what to consider and what to do. Someone not accepting your friend request on Facebook Before reacting, you need to take a few days. Things always seem worse right away. With technology, we are so used to everything happening immediately. Just because someone doesn’t accept your friend request right away, doesn’t mean she won’t. … Read more

Taking a Break from Facebook ~ Here’s How to Do It

break from social media

When you want to take a break from Facebook, you have options. You can decide to not go on Facebook for awhile, or you can deactivate your account. Whether you are thinking of giving up Facebook for a few days or weeks or you are thinking of quitting Facebook altogether, consider your choices. Taking a break from Facebook Before doing anything, here are the options to take a break from Facebook. You can: Give Facebook up for a few days, weeks or longer by simply not logging on. For mental health To save time To see if you can Deactivate … Read more

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

You may wonder why people can’t share your posts on Facebook. Unless you have your post set to “Public,” they won’t be able to. Here we explain how to make a Facebook post shareable. Facebook’s billions of active users is a goldmine—the perfect place to show the world your talents, skills, passion, business or the witty, insightful post you just wrote. To take advantage of such a broad audience, you’ll need to make your posts shareable. This allows others to share your post with their audience. Shareable posts are also not limited to Facebook, and they can come up in … Read more

How to Change Facebook Page Name

change Facebook Page name

It seems like networking of any kind only occurs on social media sites these days, and Facebook is currently the big boss of all social networking. With a monthly user base of 2.7 billion active users, it hosts more than a third of our global population already. If you have a Facebook account and you’re looking to change your Facebook Page name as a casual user or a business, the process can be pretty straightforward. Read on to find out the simple steps that will tell you how to change Facebook Page name with ease. What Is a Facebook Page? … Read more

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