How to Change Facebook Page Name

change Facebook Page name

It seems like networking of any kind only occurs on social media sites these days, and Facebook is currently the big boss of all social networking. With a monthly user base of 2.7 billion active users, it hosts more than a third of our global population already. If you have a Facebook account and you’re looking to change your Facebook Page name as a casual user or a business, the process can be pretty straightforward. Read on to find out the simple steps that will tell you how to change Facebook Page name with ease. What Is a Facebook Page? … Read more

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Facebook is useful for interactions other than merely catching up with your friends. One such feature includes creating a Facebook poll on the site to get valuable information for a wide range of reasons. We dig into how to create a poll on Facebook and why it’s a handy tool for personal and business. Also get answers to related questions to help you master this facet of social networking. There are various ways you can create a Facebook poll. You can do one through: Facebook Story Facebook Group Your Facebook Page On a Facebook Event Page Via Facebook Messenger How … Read more

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

If you’re reading this, then there’s a great chance that you’ve asked a friend or Googled the question, “Can you suggest friends on Facebook?” In the initial days of Facebook, it was easy to connect two previously unconnected friends. All you had to do was go to the page of one of the people you wish to link up, click on the “suggest friend” button under their profile picture, and type in the name of the friend you were suggesting. However, changes to Facebook have seen the “suggest friend” feature removed. Still, the disappearance of this feature does not imply … Read more

Things are not always what they seem on Facebook and in life

things are not always what they seem on Facebook

Think of Facebook as a highway and your posts as the billboards. When you post on Facebook, you are your own marketing firm pitching exactly what you want to advertise. Your Facebook friends see exactly what you want them to see. Each day, your friends drive on the Facebook Highway and see your self-promotions. Is your life great? Are you and your kids successful? Do you go on interesting outings and have coordinated holiday family portraits? Do you seem to have the perfect life? Post away! Show those glorious pictures. That’s what we love about Facebook. We get to create … Read more

How to Block Someone on Facebook | All Things to Know

how to block someone on Facebook

Blocking on Facebook is an important feature. We explain how to block someone on Facebook, what blocking is, and why you might need to block someone. It’s important to know, when you block someone, you won’t be able to see their information either. How to block someone on Facebook Once you know how to do it, it’s easy to block people on Facebook. Log into Facebook. In the upper right corner, to the right of the Notifications bell, press the Account arrow. Click: Settings & Privacy and then: Privacy Checkup. Click: Who Can See What You Share and click: Continue. … Read more

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