Making and Keeping Mom Friends When You Move

mom friends moving

My family and I have moved several times. After a few years in a new state and getting settled with housing, school, friends, and routines, we’d end up moving again. Yet, this never stops me and my children from really trying to make a life wherever we are, even knowing it wouldn’t be our forever home. When you move with kids, it’s easy to immerse yourself in settling them. You want to help ensure they have a smooth transition. When your kids are younger, this means you take trips to the park and the pool; you enroll them in activities … Read more

Taking a Social Break Over Summer Break

wanting no plans over summer break

There’s something really awesome about summer break. Yes, there’s the loose schedules and less demands. You don’t have to rush in the mornings, make lunches, pester about homework, or drive the kids to endless activities. There’s quality family time. There’s actually time to play games, bring out crafts, and do puzzles. You can actually relax and just hang out without rushing everyone to the Next Thing. But there’s something even better: We get a break from the social scene and some of those moms we just don’t love. Sure, I love being a part of whatever is happening. But during … Read more

7 Best Ways to Keep Kids Off Electronics Over the Summer

ways to keep kids off electronics

Here we go again. Summer break is coming. Moms are getting worried. Very, very worried. We want our kids to have a healthy balance between electronics and other activities. We’d love to have some easy house rules that are easy to enforce and easy to follow. Moms don’t want to nag. We don’t want to be the time keeper. We really don’t want to deal with a big checklist of Things For Kids To Do Before They Can Do Electronics. How can we limit electronics use during the summer? Keep kids off electronics over the summer Engrossed in video games … Read more

She’s Competing but You’re Not Playing

someone competing with you

This might sound weird, but have you ever had the feeling that someone is competing with you? Or that someone — aka a fellow mom — is overly interested in what you, your kids, or family are doing? Moms competing is a real thing. There’s even a name: Competitive Mom Syndrome. Perhaps this is the person who rarely, if ever, will Like or Comment on your Facebook posts. Competitive Mom Syndrome This is the person who will rarely pay you or your kids a compliment. She might just “forget” to RSVP to your child’s party. Strangely, you may even feel … Read more

We’re Never Making Homemade Valentines, and I’m Fine with That

homemade valentines

What are your thoughts on homemade Valentines? Do your kids make them? And do they want to, or is it more a this-will-be-a-fun-thing-to-do-together mom idea? When I think of the hassle of getting the supplies and then actually clearing a space on my table to work on this with my kiddos? It’s not a pretty picture. I guess I love the idea in an abstract way, but not in a realistic way. My kids would enjoy doing 3 – 4 of them and then would be done. Isn’t it enough to get them to sit down and write out all … Read more