Empty Nest: How Old Will You Be When You Have One?

empty nest

An older mom friend made an off-handed comment on our kids’ first day back to school. She said how she wasn’t feeling more confident as she got older. She said this notion of being more confident as we age must have applied to our moms’ generation. They had their children younger. When my mother was 44 years old, I graduated college. Yet, when I was 44, my child was a preschooler. If my youngest moves out when she’s 23, I’ll have an empty nest when I’m 63. Thinking back, I felt much more confident in my teens and twenties, even … Read more

What Are We Supposed to Feed Our Kids When There Are So Many Considerations?

feeding our kids healthy foods

There‚Äôs so much consider to when deciding what to feed our kids. We have easy access to processed foods. Practically every day is some sort of Sugar Fest. Us parents grew up eating whatever was served for dinner; being picky was not an option. There weren’t the food allergies there are today. We lived for trick or treating as that was our one chance to get candy. Jell-O was our dessert. Soda came in glass liters and quarts and was for special occasions. We drank water and milk; Gatorade didn’t exist. Maybe, just maybe, we were lucky enough to have … Read more

Getting Kids to Eat Lunch at School

Getting kids to eat lunch

My kids usually ride the bus home, but recently I walked on school grounds to pick them up. I saw a fifth grader, who walks home, stop at the garbage can to empty out his lunch bag before walking out the school gate. He threw away several bags of food. He threw away an entire apple. Then, he opened up a container and pitched what looked like rolled ham or turkey. After he left, I walked up to the garbage can. Right on top, I saw the other foods he threw away. One bag included slices of tangerine or clementines; … Read more