Thanks for Inviting Me but I Can’t Be Bothered to RSVP

RSVP meaning

Something that gets on my very last nerve is people who can’t be bothered to RSVP for an Evite party or event. I mean really, how much easier can it be with these online invitations? I’ve only ever used so I can only speak about this particular company. Online invitations are so convenient and easy to use for the host and the recipients. There are always friends and acquaintances who will RSVP right away or within days of receiving the evite, and others whom you will never, ever hear from. You took the time to invite them, but they … Read more

We are the Exhausted Moms of Summer

Exhausted moms of summer

A few years ago, my friend had a good laugh when I told her my kids and I had just gotten back from the beach and that I was exhausted. She was at work all day, so a day at the beach sounded glorious and stress-free to her. It was difficult to get her to understand that no, it wasn’t all (or even a little bit) fun and games. A day at the beach is a lot of work. As many moms can empathize, not only was I watching my kids every minute because of the water, I worried about … Read more

Things to Do Before Going Online: for Adults!

things to do before going online

You will see them in April or May. Well-intentioned moms begin sharing¬†articles on Facebook about ways for kids to minimize electronics’ use in the summer. It’s a real issue:¬†Our kids’ long days of summer often include many hours online. We need a plan to keep them occupied in other, meaningful ways. It’s a lot harder to get up and to actually do something, like getting a pencil and paper and clearing a space and sitting down to draw or write. It’s much easier to zone out on the iPad. These are informative and interesting articles, usually checklists. You’re sure to … Read more