Getting Kids to Eat Lunch at School

Getting kids to eat lunch

My kids usually ride the bus home, but recently I walked on school grounds to pick them up. I saw a fifth grader, who walks home, stop at the garbage can to empty out his lunch bag before walking out the school gate. He threw away several bags of food. He threw away an entire apple. Then, he opened up a container and pitched what looked like rolled ham or turkey. After he left, I walked up to the garbage can. Right on top, I saw the other foods he threw away. One bag included slices of tangerine or clementines; … Read more

Just for Today, I Will Not Nag My Child

stop nagging

All I do is nag my child.  I do not want to be this kind of mom. My time with my child is precious. And it’s limited, especially during the school year when he is gone for hours, then comes home to activities, homework, and sometimes, chores. My few opportunities to have “quality moments” with my tween are rushed. It starts in the morning when I open his blinds and nudge him awake, sometimes losing patience. Then, I’m hurrying him to make and/or eat his breakfast. Not 10-15 minutes later, I’m rushing him to get dressed, brush his teeth and … Read more

Taking a Social Break Over Summer Break

wanting no plans over summer break

There’s something really awesome about summer break. Yes, there’s the loose schedules and less demands. You don’t have to rush in the mornings, make lunches, pester about homework, or drive the kids to endless activities. There’s quality family time. There’s actually time to play games, bring out crafts, and do puzzles. You can actually relax and just hang out without rushing everyone to the Next Thing. But there’s something even better: We get a break from the social scene and some of those moms we just don’t love. Sure, I love being a part of whatever is happening. But during … Read more

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