How to Change Your Twitter Handle

how to change Twitter handle

If you’re a long-time social media user, you’ve definitely run into a situation where you found your current username no longer appropriate. Here’s how to change your Twitter handle. You probably chose your Twitter handle as a perky, big-headed schoolkid. But now, you don’t want your colleagues to follow you at @foxymaryyy anymore. Or maybe you’ve created the Twitter account as a newcomer to the business world and didn’t know you should match your Twitter handle with your LinkedIn account. Whether you’re experiencing any of the above scenarios or you’re just tired of your username, here’s a comprehensive guide on … Read more

How to Block Someone on Facebook | All Things to Know

how to block someone on Facebook

Blocking on Facebook is an important feature. We explain how to block someone on Facebook, what blocking is, and why you might need to block someone. It’s important to know, when you block someone, you won’t be able to see their information either. How to block someone on Facebook Once you know how to do it, it’s easy to block people on Facebook. Log into Facebook. In the upper right corner, to the right of the Notifications bell, press the Account arrow. Click: Settings & Privacy and then: Privacy Checkup. Click: Who Can See What You Share and click: Continue. … Read more

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook | Everything to Know!

how to unfriend someone on Facebook

Knowing how to unfriend someone on Facebook can help keep your friends list to the people you want to interact with. The great thing is that Facebook won’t send a notification to the person telling them you unfriended them. This means it will be up to that person to realize on their own that they’ve been unfriended. However, sooner or later, they will likely figure it out. We explain more about this below. Before you unfriend on Facebook, it’s important to consider other options. There are other ways to not interact with Facebook friends you have. First, here’s how to … Read more

How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook & Finding Friends to Add

How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook

Here we explain how to send a friend request on Facebook. Like with everything, Facebook makes this easy to do. There are a few ways to add friends. We’ll start with the straightforward way. After that, we’ll talk about ways to add friends from Facebook friend suggestions as well as from your existing list of Facebook friends. Sending a friend request is also called Facebook friending or friending on Facebook. How to send a friend request on Facebook Log onto your Facebook account. On the top, in the blue border, you will see a white Search bar. Type in the … Read more

Posting & bragging about kids’ parties on Facebook

bragging about kids' parties on Facebook

Are parents being clueless? Or are they posting to brag and hurt people’s feelings? Either way, it’s surprising to see parents posting and bragging about kids’ parties on Facebook. You really have to wonder the motive. Is it to show their child is better friends with these certain kids but not others? Or are they posting because they want to share photos with the guests? What does this mom derive from broadcasting to all of her Facebook friends that her kid had a party? It’s basically telling everyone: My kid had a birthday party and didn’t invite your kid. Unless … Read more