How to Delete Reddit Account

Delete Reddit Account

Reddit is an AMA (Ask Me Anything) website. It’s an incredible source of information, pictures, memes, and whatever you may want to find on the internet. Like with anything though, sometimes you need a break. Here’s how to delete Reddit account. Some people join the Reddit community to promote their products or services while others want to share their thoughts with the rest of the world. Many users join to stay current with what’s going on in a specific niche—aptly called a subreddit. Whatever the reason, there might be a time when you want to move on and leave the … Read more

How to Change Your Twitter Handle

how to change Twitter handle

If you’re a long-time social media user, you’ve definitely run into a situation where you found your current username no longer appropriate. Here’s how to change your Twitter handle. You probably chose your Twitter handle as a perky, big-headed schoolkid. But now, you don’t want your colleagues to follow you at @foxymaryyy anymore. Or maybe you’ve created the Twitter account as a newcomer to the business world and didn’t know you should match your Twitter handle with your LinkedIn account. Whether you’re experiencing any of the above scenarios or you’re just tired of your username, here’s a comprehensive guide on … Read more

New Words and Phrases Because of Social Media

new phrases on social media

Think of all the new words and phrases because of social media. The English language has long been known to be one of the most difficult languages to master. In addition, slang and new phrases became commonplace through the generations. With social media, they now catch on much quicker. Slang terms and new words have become mainstream due to the Internet and specifically through social media. There are social media words we use commonly. Think of the ways we talk and post: We tag, we friend, we unfriend…. We are using nouns as verbs and verbs as nouns. Our kids … Read more