No Really, I Will Never Weigh this Much Again

doing whole30

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That’s it! I’m doing Whole30! My goal is to get back into my size 8 jeans. As a late 40-something mom, I am obsessed with chocolate, despise working out and have hip pain. How do I weigh this much?

I am truly scared to weigh myself. I went out on my birthday in September to get new jeans. After spending months wearing elastic-banded skirts — I live in hot Nevada — I truly had no idea that I could no longer fit into my size 8 and standby size 10 jeans anymore.

How do I weigh this much?

I didn’t notice the weight gain at all — elastic is very forgiving. In all the boiling summer months, I only wore expandable waistbands or flowy dresses; I didn’t wear my shorts once!

Buying larger sized jeans

So when I went shopping, I was stunned that I was now fitting/squashing into size 12 jeans.

I bought three pairs, washed and dried them, praying they wouldn’t shrink. Size 12 might not seem like a big deal but it was to me as I’ve never been this size before. It’s scary how the pounds just creep on without us noticing.

Back to my new jeans…. I didn’t cut the tags off one pair in the hopes I would lose weight and return them for a size 10. That never happened.

Here we are in January, and I went shopping again. The jeans I bought in September were cropped, boyfriend type and aren’t practical for the colder days now.

Today I bought three more pairs of jeans, unfortunately, all size 12 again! My goal was to get regular-length jeans but I found an inexpensive pair of culottes — who even knew that word still existed? Then I bought two other pairs that fit really well, as well as size 12 jeans can fit anyway.

Using a scale as motivation

I asked for a new scale for Christmas. Last week I put it on the floor in front of my refrigerator. I stood on it one time. I weighed in a 146.6. Now for a 5’3″ person, that isn’t good; however, I expected it to be much worse.

One of my {many} problems is I love chocolate. Often, I graze on it all day, eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I buy bags of it and eat the entire bag while “working” on my computer doing real (paid) work, volunteer work for my kids’ school, or wasting time on Facebook, looking up random things, reading political articles and opinions, returning emails, and spending time online shopping.

It’s so important to have a plan for the day.

I don’t like to exercise

My tennis shoes are old. I don’t have the cute workout clothes. Working out isn’t something I ever did regularly. I’m getting older and more sedentary in general.

And once I moved to Nevada and had all tile floors — easier to deal with the dust and to see the critters — my hips started and continue to pain me. Therefore, I’m not exercising.

But I know I need to exercise. I need to build the muscle I once took for granted. I’m over 40! It’s not going to get any easier. How do I weigh this much!? I know I should exercise but I really don’t feel like it, and I don’t want to get hurt.

Maybe hand weights will help. My husband bought some 15 pound weights which I could barely lift without feeling like I was going to hurt myself. Two days ago I bought two hand weights that are 2 pounds each. Even those surprised me: Think what an extra two pounds does to our bodies.

Unfortunately, I haven’t used them yet.

How do I weigh this much

I haven’t really slept well for 11.5 years — aka exactly how old my oldest child is. I used to be a beautiful sleeper until he was born.

Another real deal problem is I moved from the southeast where I had a very large home. I used my Fitbit and would have 1,500 steps just doing the usual tasks of feeding and dressing my kids and walking them to the bus.

doing Whole30

I’d have 1,500 steps before 8:30am! Just in the course of doing chores and walking up and down the stairs 20x a day, I’d easily have 9,000 – 10,000 steps a day, and more if I did errands.

Then we moved. I spent a month road-tripping and moving across the country and barely walked anywhere. Then I spent two months in a one bedroom rental in a zillion-degree Welcome to Nevada boiling summer so I wasn’t walking or anything.

(Enter tile floors and hip problems too).

{My list of excuses continues….}

Then I moved into a modest 2,200 square foot home — without any stairs! — it’s too hot here to have a second floor — and my steps decreased to about 2,000 steps/day. My little place is small, and I can walk from the kitchen to the living room in four steps, to the bedroom in about 15 steps. Really, to get even those 2,000 steps is an accomplishment!

So basically, couple my age, my hips, my chocolate addiction, my computer/sit-on-my-rear job, my exercise aversion (hips or heat being the excuses) and my small living space, my easy-to-wear elastic skirt-wearing habit, and I have gained 20 pounds since moving to Nevada one and a half years ago.

Packaged foods

Things are sure different. We have convenience foods and drive thru’s and snacking is almost a meal. It’s hard when we are trying to find healthy foods to feed our families.

Body holding onto weight

Hang out at this weight so my body forces me to maintain it? Weigh myself now and see I weigh a lot more than the 146.6 pounds I weighed a week ago? (Thinking about how much chocolate — two batches of brownies, container of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, 12 not-so-fun-sized Almond Joys all come to mind — I ate since then isn’t making me race to the scale.)

Deciding to do Whole30

Really, I must do something. Doing Whole30 will be just as good as doing anything else. I really like there is an end date to it as well. It’s “just” 30 days. Surely I can do it.

I want to be healthy and active. It’s important for me to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.

Gaining weight and doing something about it

I’m going to do Whole30 to prove to myself I can do it and to also see what happens.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning, before drinking water or eating, and see where I’m at. And I will proceed from there. Won’t you join me in doing Whole30?

Update: I did Whole30! Learn more about it:

Starting Whole30

Whole30 daily log

Day 26 of Whole30

Meal planning on Whole 30

Things I learned on Whole30

Top 13 Things I Learned Being on Whole30 for 30 Days

Whole30 things I learned

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There are so many things I learned being on Whole30.

If you are at all considering it — do it! You will feel so proud of yourself and will be able to look back on the year knowing you accomplished something major.

And if you are thinking for starting it in January, be sure to read this entire post!

When I agreed to start Whole30, I only knew I wasn’t allowed to eat dairy, grains, sugar, and legumes. My goal was to lose weight and feel better.

In my first attempt at doing Whole30, I was successful. It was very difficult, especially in the beginning.

For better or for worse, I didn’t buy anything special to prepare. I scavenged around my kitchen eating whatever was already there…. eggs, vegetables, fruit and meat.

Once I made it through those first difficult days — after all, old habits die hard and so do chocolate cravings — there was NO WAY I was going to stop until I made it to Day 30.

In the process, I learned a ton. Check out my Whole30 daily log for updates on each day. I’ve also included tips for success.

Here are the best things I learned being on Whole30.

If you haven’t done Whole30 before, now is the time.

Top things I learned being on Whole30

30 days will come and go so you might as well accomplish something.

So much of what we do in life is thankless and hard to quantify.

It’s not like you count how many loads of laundry you washed, how many meals you made, and how many times you swept the floor.

Unless you’re getting a paycheck, it’s sometimes hard to appreciate what you’ve done with your time.

If you’re anything like me, you look back on the past month and think, “Where did that time go, and what do I have to show for it?”

When you’re doing Whole30, you’ll feel empowered at what you’ve accomplished. You can look back at those days and weeks and feel proud you made it through.

This is a particularly great at the end of the year.

Imagine yourself in December 2019. You can reflect on your year and think, “Yes, I accomplished being on Whole30 and doing something for myself.”

When you can give up your favorite foods for 30 days, you can achieve anything.

Holy heck, because I was able to give up all my go-to foods, my comfort foods, my habit snacks, and stick to Whole30 for the entire 30 days, I can do anything!

Food doesn’t have to rule our lives. Even though it seems like you can’t live without certain snacking habits to relieve stress and favorite foods and drinks — you can!

Giving them up for 30 days is proof you can break any habit you want to.

Whole30 lessons learned

If I was tired, it was because I was tired, I wasn’t carb-crashing.

In the midst of doing Whole30, I realized I rarely felt tired.

And when I was tired, I knew it was because I actually needed sleep.

It wasn’t because of a sugar or a carbohydrate crash.

You will feel proud and confident.

Your favorite foods will be calling your name, especially in the beginning.

Each time you bypass them, you will be proud of yourself.

You will use that confidence and those positive feelings to get yourself through the next craving, snack, meal, and day.

I got through that first week and there was no way, no how I was going to let myself down and not finish Whole30.

You will really feel amazingly proud which will fuel you in other areas of your life.

You don’t have to be particularly great at — or interested in — cooking.

I never heard of ghee or clarified butter.

I never knew people use tallow and coconut aminos and that they drink kombucha.

Even now, I don’t really know what these things are. That’s okay!

Stick to what you know if you want, and venture into one or two new things as you become interested in learning more.

I didn’t realize how much sugar and processed food I was eating until I wasn’t eating it.

Many of my habits were to just grab whatever was in my refrigerator, without really thinking about it.

Sure, I made some healthy choices each day; however, I also ate a lot of cheese, snacks, frozen and processed foods, and chocolate.

things I learned being on Whole30
Top things I learned from being on Whole30

Being forced to be much more mindful on Whole30 made me have to consciously think before I ate anything so that I didn’t slip and eat something I wasn’t supposed to.

Just one thoughtless mistake — like popping something in my mouth while I was preparing food for my kids — would have derailed all of my efforts.

After being on Whole30, I’m still more mindful.

I still eat many of those non-approved Whole30 foods, but much less often.

Time goes fast but being on Whole30, time went slowly.

It was amazing how time seemed to really slow down being on Whole30.

Really slowly.

I would look at the calendar and think, “I can’t believe I still have XX days left.”

If you feel like time flies by, start on Whole30… really.

Don’t ever let yourself get too hungry.

This was another one of the great things I learned from being on Whole30.

Letting yourself get hungry on Whole30 or in life creates problems.

This was especially true being on Whole30 because when hunger would strike, it would strike to the core.

At that point, it would be difficult to eat enough to be satisfied.

Oftentimes, in regular life, we overeat when we are hungry.

When you don’t let yourself get to that point, you can make healthier choices.

Whether you are doing Whole30 or not:

  • Have a plan for healthy snacks so you don’t feel out of control
  • Carry approved snacks with you wherever you go

After being on Whole30, it’s so much easier to eat healthier.

One of the biggest things I learned being on Whole30 is that it’s much easier to make healthy choices now.

So many people who have completed Whole30 agree it was a huge challenge to do it.

It’s great and life-changing but really difficult to maintain long term, longer than 30 days.

Many of us in my Whole30 Facebook group agreed that after Day 30, we would keep the best practices of Whole30 and eat in the spirit of it most of the time.

So many times I thought it would be so much easier to just eat healthier than to do this long-term.

Sure, you might want a Mexican feast with rice, beans, cheese and tortillas… and you can still have that after Whole30. But you don’t have it all the time, as a way of life.

Whole30 will give you the kick-start you need to propel your life in a healthier direction.

You will buy lots of vegetables.

Before starting Whole30, never in my life did I make artichokes, turnips or beets.

We ate Brussels sprouts once a year, if that.

Since completing the program, I came away with a new love for squash, zucchini and sweet potatoes, and buy them weekly.

In your quest to find s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g to eat, you will get lots of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Hopefully you will come away choosing a wider variety regularly, even after you’re finished with Whole30.

Think of functional medicine and the importance of the microbiome. You want to feed your gut bacteria a variety of vegetables, the full spectrum of colors.

After doing Whole30 for 30 days, it’s easy to do it a day here or there.

When I’m not making a big proclamation about starting Whole30, and just wake up and do it, it’s easy.

A few times since finishing my first Whole30, I would realize I made it an entire day or two or even three of Whole30… giving up legumes, dairy, sugar and grains… and was fine.

Many of us in my Facebook group say we are starting a Whole2 or Whole3, agreeing to do it for just a few days.

And that’s great because anything you can do to be healthier, even a few days a week or month, will help you in your life.

I did my first Whole30 in January and my second that September. It was much easier the second time around.

After doing Whole30 the first time, I learned gluten was causing or contributing to my foot, hip and leg pain. What a huge thing to learn being on Whole30.

Being (mostly) off gluten by the second time I did Whole30 made it much easier.

I was able to focus on tasks much better.

Typically, I’m someone who starts lots of projects and then becomes distracted, usually starting something else before finishing.

Or, when I would be on the computer, set to do something, I would tend to open multiple browsers, looking up other things.

After being on Whole30 for two weeks and cutting out all of those non-approved foods, I noticed a huge surge in my focus.

Also, what helped was there weren’t tempting foods to eat while on Whole30.

Therefore, I was able to:

  • Focus better because I wasn’t distracted getting snacks.
  • I wasn’t using food to avoid whatever it was I was supposed to do.
  • I wasn’t able to overeat and feel tired.

And with better focus came increased productivity and more confidence.

If you have brain fog, do Whole30. You will learn this isn’t a to-be-expected feeling.

I look and feel better.

At long last, I was able to lose weight even though I didn’t exercise at all when I was on Whole30.

(I wasn’t a big exerciser anyway, but for months prior Whole30 and during Whole30, I had bad foot pain and was resting. Typically, my exercise was walking a few times a week.)

So by just eliminating all that cheese, chocolate, processed foods, legumes, grains, and dairy, I was able to lose eight pounds in 30 days.

The weight loss helped me look better for sure. Also, my hair looked better when I was eating more fruits and vegetables.

Lots of friends in the Whole30 Facebook group said their skin looked better too.

After doing Whole 30 the first time, I learned gluten bothers me. What a major thing to learn from Whole30. When I keep off gluten, I’m virtually pain-free.

Sleep! Another valuable Whole30 lesson.

After being on Whole 30, I learned I can sleep through the night!

Stable moods.

I’ve updated this to add a 14th reason about what I learned doing Whole30.

It stabilized my moods.

Whole30 things I learned

Now when I have sugar and other junk, I can sometimes recognize my personality changing.

I’m short-tempered, crabby, anxious, and not the mom I want to be.

It’s incredible that cleaning up my diet — stripping away all these foods for 30 days — really showed me the types of foods I react to.

It’s a lot easier to say no to these types of foods going forward because I don’t want to have mood swings. Life is demanding enough!

Things I learned being on Whole30

There were so many incredible things I learned being on Whole30.

It was a life-changer, for sure.

Please don’t overthink it, just do it. So many times we wait for or try to create perfect circumstances to help ensure our success.

Start Whole30.

As your favorite foods are calling your name throughout Whole30, you will dig deep to find resolve you didn’t know you had. It will be especially thrilling when you start seeing results. For me, that was Day 26, and it was incredible.

Really, you will enjoy so many intrinsic benefits from it that will fuel you and help direct you for the rest of your life.

And on Day 26, She Has Cheekbones! Four More Days on Whole30

Whole30 Day 26 things happening

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Simply amazing. I have cheekbones! They emerged on Whole30 Day 26, just when I was thinking this Whole30 thing wasn’t working for me.

Sure, I’ve had some success so far on Whole30.

For sure, I can focus better. I can actually sit at my computer and finish what I’m working on, even if it’s stressful and challenging.

The Old Me, pre-Whole30, would get up five times for food.

I would open browser after browser on my computer thinking of other things to look up.

But now? I can focus on the task at hand. This is huge. I didn’t know I could be like this.

Also great, and I discovered this a few weeks into Whole30: It’s fantastic knowing the reason I’m tired is because I’m actually tired. It’s not from carb crashing after eating pasta or kettle corn, or chocolate and desserts.

And yes, my jeans are a bit looser. We aren’t allowed to weigh in on Whole30 so loose jeans proved I lost weight on Whole30.

But what’s most incredible to me is I can seriously see my cheekbones!

They have been long-lost for three years, when I started gaining weight slowly each month, unbeknownst to me.

The weight crept up, and I didn’t even know it until after summer was ending, and I needed to buy jeans in a larger size, my largest size ever.

Whole30 Day 26

Of course I’m finishing Whole30.

Can you imagine how it would feel after working so hard through 26 days, only to give up on the 27th day?

The finish line is right there. No way will I stop now.

Whole30 Day 26 things happening
After suffering through cravings and breaking habits for weeks, I’ve had a breakthrough on Whole30.

Yet, this is sort of ironic. For 26 days, I have been waiting for Day 30.

Actually, I’ve been waiting for Day 31, when this will be over.

And now I’m experiencing all of this and seeing success on Day 26. How can I go back to the Old Me when the New Me feels and looks so much better?

I’m a Whole30 success story. This is when the change really starts. This is when the magic happens. For some people it might be sooner. For me, it culminated on Day 26.

Check out my Whole30 Daily Log for a day-by-day journal.

Isn’t it a (first world cruel) irony to think that after working hard (and dare-I-say, suffering) for 26 days, now I see some results?

I really, really wanted to start eating my favorite foods again on Day 31. But now? Now that I’m finally experiencing some tangible and intangible differences in my body and mind?

What to do on Whole30 Day 31

How can I think about my mental list of what I was going to start eating once I’m done with Whole30?

I was so looking forward to chocolate. My kids and I were going to make donuts. I want brownies.

From my Whole30 Facebook group, it seems many moms will want wine. Many men will crave beer. For me, it’s chocolate.

And I was all set to dive into that bag of Hershey Kisses hidden in my cabinet but now it seems I’m experiencing success on Whole30. My hard work has begun to pay off!

Whole30 Day 26
Lots of great things happened on Whole30 Day 26.

At least if I could have been enjoying this success for a few weeks, I wouldn’t feel so badly stopping Whole30 after it’s over.

But to be on the cusp of such success, only to quit?

Well, technically, I’m not quitting. Technically, I’ve kicked some butt.

I’ve lasted 26 days not eating any processed foods, not consuming dairy or grains or chocolate of any kind. (Yes, it gets its own group in my world.)]

I turned down appetizers, desserts and alcohol at a most fabulous party.

I’m taking the extra time to prepare meals and real foods.

I’ve made it 26 days!

This is unbelievable for someone who doesn’t love to plan meals and didn’t even know what Whole30 was when I agreed to do it.

And even then didn’t really research well it until days 2 – 5. I decided New Year’s Eve afternoon to start eating all the chocolate I wanted, because I was starting Whole30 come midnight.

You know how you might not notice at all when someone lose 15 pounds, but wow, you notice when that person loses 20 pounds?

That what this is like. I’m on the cusp of just pushing it a little bit more for the floodgates to open and for profound change to happen.

How can I start reintroducing foods on Day 31 when this is when the good stuff happens? I’m at the tipping point.

Success on Whole30 Day 26

I know Whole30 people do this longer than 30 days. While I’m ecstatic at my changes, there’s a part of me that’s crushed I was only thinking of this as a month-long commitment.

To stop now just seems like I would be letting myself down. I haven’t kicked my cravings yet. I’m still fantasizing about food.

So I guess I’ll see what I do come Whole30 Day 31…. I know I’m excited to weigh in! Check out the things I learned being on Whole30.



Meal Planning Fast and Easy with Real Plans Meal Planning Online

Real Plans meal planning

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If you don’t meal plan or don’t know anything about meal planning, this is for you.

How many meals do you cook a week? Do you try to make a meal plan? Typically, I just buy the certain fruits and vegetables my kids will eat along with our usual foods.

Never in my life have I made a meal plan nor do I know how to make a meal plan. I don’t know where to begin to organize one. It must take a lot of work.

But I do love eating… and snacking… and eating incessant amounts of chocolate each week.

That’s why I started Whole30.

Yet, I had no meal planning experience when I started.

What’s helped me stick to Whole30 is I tried Real Plans meal planning online and love it. IT DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!

It’s great not having to think about it and spend time thinking about what to make each week. Plus, you can customize it for your Whole30 eating.

Real Plans meal planning

Anyone would benefit from this Real Plans online meal planner, but you will especially love it if you:

  • Want to get out of a food rut
  • Don’t know how to meal plan
  • Want to save time and money
  • Want to stop thinking about food so much
  • Have picky eaters or food allergies to contend with
  • Are on Whole30 or other plan and want to know you can eat everything on the recipe
  • Want your recipes all in one place
  • Don’t want to spend your time meal planning

This meal planning tool is truly great.

It’s effortless.

You will never go back to not using a meal plan.

And the best part is you don’t have to waste time doing it. You customize what ingredients you don’t want to use, and you are done.

What are the benefits of meal planning?

There are benefits from trying to make a meal plan on your own but using Real Plans meal planning subscription online will make it amazingly effortless.

There’s more detail below, but here’s what I love about the meal planner from Real Plans:

Makes your life easier and more organized.
You save time.

You won’t need to decide what to make and eat.

Think of all the time you may be looking up recipes online which then leads to other online pursuits and soon you’ve wasted an hour on Facebook or wherever.

No more writing out a grocery list.
  • You can easily omit ingredients you already have.
  • It’s easy to add additional items you want to buy.
Helps you to stop thinking about food.

This will help you not think about food because you don’t have to plan out meals.

You will eat healthier.
This helps you save money.
Helps eliminate binge eating.

Remember, you will have a plan.

You will make and need to eat the food on the list because that’s all you will be buying

Your recipes will all be in one place.
  • Easy to print out
  • Shopping list for the week
  • Timeline of what to cook when
You customize it.
  • You can customize it and change it at any time
  • Omit any ingredients your family doesn’t eat
  • Omit any ingredients you don’t want to deal with (shellfish or mollusks as an example)
  • Easily modify how many servings you want for a recipe
  • Pick the exact days and meals you want recipes for

Example: On Sunday you want recipes for breakfast and dinner; Monday you want dinner; Tuesday is leftovers; Wednesday you want dinner; etc.

Some weeks you might want more meals or less; you can change whatever you want.

Maybe one week you want recipes for two breakfasts and three dinners but the next week you want recipes for one breakfast, two lunches, and four dinners. You can change and modify it to your life.

Start whatever day you want to; it doesn’t have to be on a Sunday. You can change it from week to week.

You don’t need to be high-tech to use this online meal planner. It’s super easy.

Different options for subscribing. You can try it for even a month.

There’s even a 30 day back guarantee if you don’t like it. There’s nothing to lose!

Meal planning for certain types of eating

If you are doing Whole30, are eating Paleo, are vegetarian, have lots of allergies, or are looking for dairy-free meal planning, Real Plans is for you.

If you have zero or many restrictions, you will find lots of delicious recipes in this meal plan.

Real Plans meal planning
Real Plans meal planning is fast and simple with only the foods you want.

I set it up for Whole30 approved foods and also omitted the following and still have so many easy and tasty recipes to make:

  • Shellfish, mollusks, fish
  • Mushrooms, tomatoes
  • Eggs
  • Nuts, seeds, coconut, all legumes
  • Palm oil products (terrible for our planet)
  • Gums, such as xanthan gum, cellulose, locust bean gum, carob bean gum, pectin, etc.
  • Leavening agents

How does meal planning save you money?

So often, we buy a lot of what’s on sale, stockpiling groceries.

We stuff our refrigerator crisper full of produce only to find it days or weeks later, rotten.

We have the best intentions to cook or freeze that meat before it expires, but somehow we never get around to it, and it spoils.

Sometimes, we overbuy groceries. Often, we eat the non-perishables before the perishables and the perishables go bad.

Or we roam the store, making impulse buys that we never get around to making.

Bottom line: Meal planning saves you money.

Real Plans Meal Planner

A week into starting Whole30, I was sick of eating salads with chicken, sweet potatoes, avocados, and hard boiled eggs. (Those were pretty much my go-to foods.)

My kids are picky eaters plus we deal with allergies. Meals typically consist of some type of meat surrounded by fruit and raw vegetables. Therefore, meals were usually fairly plain and lackluster.

I was looking online at some Whole30 books and came across the Real Plans online meal planner. Thinking having meal plans, recipes and a shopping list would help me with Whole30, I signed up.

A week into using it, and it’s saving me a lot of time figuring out what to buy and make.

Also, I do not enjoy making grocery lists so it’s been great in that it auto-generates an easy-to-follow list.

Update: I’m now on Whole 30 Day 26 and am loving the variety.

Tips for Real Plans meal planning set-up

What’s great is you can make changes at any time. Here’s what I went back to change after I submitted it.

  • I originally asked for too many meals.
  • Exclude ingredients my kids are allergic to (certain oils, nuts, eggs)
  • Omit ingredients I know nothing about (gums, shellfish, mollusks)
  • Exclude foods my kids have issues with (tomatoes, mushrooms)

Also, they offer so many recipes with different ingredients, so if you don’t like something, omit it:

  • Omit foods you don’t like

What’s awesome, then, is that everyone you are cooking for will most likely eat everything you make! (Well, we can dream….!)

And really, start with what you know. This doesn’t need to be a time for you to do everything at once. That’s when it becomes overwhelming.

Remember you are signing up for Real Plans to make your life easier.

You will probably save money on your grocery bill and also eat healthier.

There’s even a timeline which tells you what to do when, based on the meals you chose. Meaning, if you are making a Real Plans entree and side on Monday night, it might tell you to defrost your meat (if frozen) the night before.

Signing up for Real Plans meal planning online

I was already a week into Whole30 so I wasn’t sure if I would benefit from it for the entire 30 days.

What I learned after signing up was that you can access a rolling four weeks of meal plans — you can go earlier in the month or later.

Meaning, no matter when you sign up in your Whole30 daily journey, you will still get excellent value with Real Plans.

Getting started meal planning

This meal planner is easy to set up and will get you thinking about your current habits. I signed up and jumped right into filling out the information.

Had I known there was a Getting Started section, I would have looked it over first.

It’s something to consider, especially when you are trying to decide what days of the week and for what meals you want recipes. You have to consider the times you might eat/serve a hard boiled egg and a salad, and the meals for which you will eat leftovers.

I set up my Real Plans account via my laptop. After you create your password, you select which part of the world you live in:

  • Northern Hemisphere
  • Southern Hemisphere

Then you select your timezone. Next, you select what measurement system you want to use:

  • US
  • Metric

This is all to tailor recipes and foods to your region, which makes it so unique to your situation.

It gets better…. then it asks which shop you buy most of your groceries from.

When it generates your shopping list, it tells you how many of your ingredients are available at your favorite/most-frequented store. Each time I’ve generated a shopping list, 100% of the ingredients/products on that list were available at my store.

After the background info, it gets more in-depth with your situation. It asks how many meals a week you currently cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I answered 3, 3, and 4 but I wasn’t really sure how to account for making lunches for my kids.

What is your cooking style?

Next, it asks what your cooking style is. I love this question. It’s really trying to figure out who you are and where your strengths and possible interests are. Paraphrasing, these are the range of choices:

  • Do you mostly eat out/carry-in?
  • Are you a novice in the kitchen, mostly using packaged foods?
  • Do you cook some easy recipes?
  • Are you more of a confident cook using pre-made food/shortcuts?
  • Are you a seasoned pro in the kitchen, cooking from scratch most often?

It was interesting to think about myself in this way.

What appliances do you own?

This next question was also interesting…. It takes advantage of what you already have instead of having you buy more appliances. It asks you to name which of these you have:

  • Slow cooker/crock pot — Yes!
  • Pressure cooker — I bought one once at Costco and had it sitting unopened on my washing machine for three months before returning it.
  • Sous vide — I don’t even know what this is. (Actually, I just looked it up and there’s no way ever in my life, under any circumstance, would I ever use/do this.)

Next, it asks when you want to start your Whole30 journey.

I’m already five days into this Whole30 program but I answered that I’m starting tomorrow, on my Day 6. Ideally, you would purchase the Real Plans Meal Planning Tool before you start Whole30 but it doesn’t matter.

The next question was interesting. It asked how long do I want to do the program for? The answers go all the way up to 180 days; however, the most you can set it for when you purchase the one month subscription is 30 days.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t access more recipes than that– you can!

Food exclusions

The next question was worded strangely. The Real Plans question is: Do you have additional food exclusions to add?

This question came out of nowhere, so the word “additional” was strange. Definitely click “yes” so you can review them.

I clicked “yes” because there are foods one of my children is allergic to, so I want to omit them. This is the list (with definitions) for the foods and food groups you can eliminate. You can get more information on their website.

While I have no idea how to cook with many of these food categories, especially things like ghee and gums, this could be a great chance to learn.

(Note, two weeks into this recipe-thing, and I’m still not interested in figuring out what to do with ghees and gums so I’m sticking to the tasty meals I’ve been making.)

Next, you will want to click any specific ingredients or variations of the ingredient. As an example, I typed “coconut” and clicked to omit any ingredients containing coconut of any kind. There were over 30 coconut ingredients listed (toasted coconut, light coconut milk, coconut oil, etc.).

Being I excluded “coconut” from my original ingredients list, none of them would have probably shown up, but I wanted to be sure. I also listed a few additional specific ingredients I want omitted.

When questions

Now you get into the “When” section. The first question just asks what day of the week do you want to start your meal plan. I answered “Sunday” even though I’m filling this out on a Friday night.

It asks how many do you want to serve. Well, should I ask for six servings even though I’m in a family of four so that we have some leftovers? Maybe I should ask for eight servings so we can eat each meal two times in a row? I answered with “six.”

The next part is meant to be easy and simple but stressed me out. It’s asking what meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and what days (Sunday – Saturday) I/you/we want meals for.

I didn’t realize I would be able to change this at any time, whenever I wanted to.

How many meals do you want?

If you ask for 21 meals to get all of these great recipes and ideas, you are going to have a massive shopping list and wasted food which won’t help you at all.

I really didn’t know what to do, so I scattered it around a bit, planning for leftovers and some other types of foods — figuring I could throw together a salad with a can of tuna or whatever.

Really, this “How many meals a week” question is very interesting.

While I feel like I’m in the kitchen all the time (I strongly dislike being in the kitchen) I don’t know how many meals I’m actually cooking vs populating a plate with handfuls of this fruit, this vegetable, this piece of pork from the slow cooker from two days ago, etc.

Getting the Real Plans meal plan

Holy cow! I just submitted my plan, and within seconds, the Real Plans Meal Planner created my entire meal plan calendar of food and recipes.

A window popped up before I clicked in it to see more. It suggests watching a video to get the maximum value of this and to save “so much time.” I will watch it later.

Meal planning with Real Plans — awesome things

  • I did notice when I clicked on a recipe that you have the option to change the quantity for that meal. So mine automatically sets to six servings but for any meal I want, I can go in and change how many people (more or less) I want, and it will reset the amount of each ingredient. That is absolutely amazing!
    • As an example, on Friday, there is Magical Chili. I know I would like that meal to last a few days because it’s easy to reheat and just eat, so I’m changing it to eight servings.
  • It’s easy to click on the Shopping List and wow! It’s broken down by section (Produce, Bulk, Canned/Jarred Goods, etc.)
    • And, it shows that all 54 ingredients would be available at Fry’s Food so I won’t have to go running to different stores. I wonder if I answered “Costco” how that would work.
  • There is a Timeline section. In this section it TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO ON EACH DAY. I am in love with this section!

Real Plans meal planning support

  1. Phone consultation: With your Real Plans subscription, there is a 15 minute phone consultation that you can schedule online. I haven’t done it yet but I will soon. I was waiting to see if I had questions after using the planner, and so far I don’t.
  2. Chat: There is also a Chat function for questions at any time.
  3. Help section on website

Give a Real Plans Whole30 Gift Subscription

How to make a meal plan

If you’ve ever wondered about how to start meal planning or to do it better, Real Plans meal planning online is for you.

Also, most likely, you don’t want to think about food so much, right?

I’m finding that setting it up to give me recipes for six meals a week is working for our family.

The shopping list is manageable, and it’s enough food. Also, it hasn’t been boring to eat.

I feel like I’m making and eating restaurant-quality meals! I’m so proud of myself and am thrilled even my kids are trying new foods. The combination of spices and using easy things like garlic, cilantro and limes have really given us new flavor combinations.

We still have lots of other meals to fill in the gaps (cereal and fruit for the kids for breakfast, salads, leftovers, etc.). I didn’t include eggs as an ingredient because I can make those in a variety of ways and also use them to fill in on days I’m not making a meal.

There are different plans you can choose from. I choose the Whole30 meal planning but there is also Paleo, Vegetarian, Keto, GAPS meal plans, AIP meal planning, and more.

Benefits of meal planning

In addition to learning so much while doing Whole30, I also came away with an more organized way to shop and cook for the rest of the year.

Before using this online meal planner, I didn’t think in terms of “ingredients” and didn’t use recipes.

Not because I’m a natural cook but rather because it wasn’t an habit or interest. I don’t own any cookbooks, nor do I peruse Pinterest or other sites looking for recipes. Frankly, I can care less about it. That’s why using this online meal planner is great.

I have my routines but by no means am I terrifically organized, especially when it comes to meal planning and making shopping lists.

Not being a meal planning person, I love this Real Plans meal planner and highly recommend it.

Busy moms and everyone will find it easy to be organized and prepared for the week. Also, you will have much less food waste because you will be using up the ingredients making all the recipes in the meal plan.

My Whole30 Daily Log from Start to Finish ~ Motivation to See You Through

Whole30 daily log

Last Updated on

Who knew there was this big, wide Whole30 world? I’m thinking a Whole30 daily log will help keep me on track.

I started Whole30 on January 1, 2018. It was sort of on a whim. I’d been thinking about it since a friend mentioned it the week before.

That was the first time I’d ever heard of it.

It turns out, staring Whole30 on January 1st and accomplishing it was the best thing I did all year. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to look back on the year and know I accomplished it.

I have updated this Whole30 daily log many times to give you all the info you need to be successful.

Whole30 tips for success

Skipping ahead, as of Day 16, this is what I learned and experienced being on Whole30:

  • Absolutely, do not weigh in.
  • Focus on the foods you can eat, not the ones you can’t.
  • Have enough Whole30 approved foods in the house AT ALL TIMES.
  • Bring snacks with you.
  • Be proud of your success and let it motivate you to succeed each day.
  • Eat enough calories.
  • Never ever let yourself get famished.
  • Buy organic zucchini, Brussels sprouts, peppers (I get them from Costco) to fill you up and make you feel like you are eating meals. You will be sick of salads in the first week.
  • Sign up for an online meal plan. It’s fast and easy and will help you to not think about food.
  • Eat when you are hungry. Don’t try to “lose weight” by further depriving yourself of even the Whole30 foods you can eat.

The most important Whole30 daily log tip:

Act as if you are finishing; don’t give yourself the option to think about quitting Whole30.

If you are in the midst of doing Whole30, feel free to skip to whatever day you are on to see if we are experiencing the same things.

If you are starting out or thinking of trying Whole30, you may find it interesting to learn what to anticipate.

Six months after doing Whole30

I wanted to update that because of doing Whole30, I learned my ongoing hip pain and plantar fasciitis was from eating grains or gluten.

This is my own observation, not confirmed from a medical professional. However, I am 98% free from leg and foot pain which is incredible.

Also, when I go on Whole30 for a few days, I can actually lose weight! So it’s been a great tool to use when I start gaining weight.

Up until doing Whole30 in January, I hadn’t been able to lose any weight.

It’s a lot easier to go back to Whole30 for 3-4 days a few times a month than to do it for the entire month!

Meaning, it’s a great maintenance tool after you have succeeded with it at least once.

Whole30 daily log
Think about what you CAN eat and not about what you are giving up.

I more more vegetables and my family eats healthier overall now.

Why start Whole30

I’m just a regular mom who doesn’t exercise regularly. While I try to have healthy foods in the house, we also eat a lot of frozen Costco foods and other packaged foods.

Over the years, I’ve steadily gained weight. Not enough to be a real concern until it’s 15 – 20 pounds, and then I can’t lose it.

That’s where I am now.

I’m getting older; I sit at a desk for hours a day, and try as I might, I can’t lose even five pounds.

There’s no “right” time to start, but I thought starting Whole30 in January would set me up for success for the rest of the year.

Time goes so quickly, so I might as well have something to show for it and to be proud of.

So, armed with the vegetables and leftover chicken I made from a party a few days before, I decided to start in the new year.

I weighed in at 148.0 that morning. I will do whatever it takes to not weigh in again until Day 30. Or maybe we are supposed to wait until Day 31? I do not know.

Goals for Whole30:

  • Lose weight. — I haven’t been able to maintain anything under than 148 pounds for months. If I could lose — and keep off — five pounds, I would be thrilled.
  • Learn to not turn to food when stressed.
  • Eliminate leg pain
  • See if acid reflux is lessened. — It’s not a big issue for me anymore now that I’ve learned to not eat 4-5 hours before bed. But I’ve been slacking lately.
  • Lessen or eliminate my desire for chocolate binges every day.
  • Serve more whole foods to my kids. — We rely on processed foods often.
  • Be more organized with food and meal planning.

Whole30 Daily Log

Here’s my Whole30 daily log which I will update each day.

Whole30 Day 1

Happy New Me!

We spent New Year’s Day with my in-laws. I told them I would bring dinner.

To get it out of my house and not waste it, I packed up two excellent dips. One is the awesome Costco jalapeno artichoke dip and the other is a dip I made with beans, chipotle sauce, onion, cilantro, and avocado.

Bye bye amazing dips.

I also brought the Kirkland brand 5-cheese tortellini with homemade sauce. This was also off-limits. Man, I wish I ate more of the tortellini and the dips before I started being on Whole30.

Random thoughts: If I ever do Whole30 again, I might have a mini eating party with myself celebrating my favorite foods the day(s) before.

A Whole30 compliant salad dressing was going to be my issue. I’ve never made dressing before and had no idea how to do it and no time to look up a recipe online.

Cooking never interests me but I do realize I need to plan — or at least proper food in the fridge — to be successful.

Food prep Whole30 Day 1:

I put tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, salt and pepper into my Vitamix. I poured it into a mason jar and brought it with for my dressing. (Who knew this would be the most popular food item of the day?!)

I ate chicken and salad all day. At night when we got home, I was really hungry. I ate two avocados.

Food for Day 1:

  • Chicken
  • Salad:  Organic fresh herbs, tomato, onion, red pepper, carrots, apple
  • Tomato dressing
  • Avocados

I went to bed a bit hungry but do not like eating late because of my lingering acid reflux.

Tips for tomorrow: Be sure to eat enough by 5pm so I’m not hungry and wanting to graze in the evening.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 2

I woke up feeling very proud of myself. Yes, I will do this! Tunnel vision.

Usually I’m not hungry in the morning, and I wasn’t today, so I used the time to prep some food.

I also thought about starting a Whole30 daily log thinking it would help to keep the focus. (Thanks for reading it!)

Food prep Whole30 Day 2: 

I looked up a recipe for egg, ground beef and vegetables in muffin tins. I used this recipe which is Whole30 and Paleo approved. Ingredients I used:

  • Ground beef
  • 8 eggs was all I had. (It made 11 muffin cups.)
  • Red pepper
  • Onion
  • Salt and pepper
Whole30 daily log egg bake muffin tin
Whole30 egg bake recipe that I will put in a pie pan next time

After that cooked, I washed and cut up the two sweet potatoes I had.

All I did was cut up the sweet potatoes and toss them in olive oil. They are baking in the oven now.

I ate four breakfast muffin bakes. I could have ate them all… they weren’t filling.

Random thoughts: Instead of a muffin tin, next time I’m going to make this more like a quiche or a frittata in a round pan.

I don’t need the hassle of putting olive oil on each muffin cup. (It probably didn’t help that I didn’t put enough so lots of my precious food was sticking to it and hard to get off!)

Food for Whole30 Day 2:

  • Ground beef egg muffin cups
  • Lots of salad with a bit of apple, red pepper, onion, tomatoes, carrots
  • Dressing — I blended tomatoes, onion, jalapeno pepper (a little too much this time), garlic, salt and pepper
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Chicken

I ended up having the sweet potatoes, salad and chicken for lunch. I had the same for dinner. At the end of the night, I wasn’t hungry.

Tip for tomorrow: It helped not being in the kitchen after cleaning up from dinner. In this way, I wasn’t tempted at all to eat anything.

I really need to go shopping so I can make more of a “recipe” though I despise using recipes and cooking in general.

Maybe I should just keep eating what I’ve been eating so as to make food less exciting. That’s the point isn’t it?

Whole30 Daily Log Day 3

It’s January 3, 2018. Again, I woke up proud of myself. For me to not be eating chocolate and snacking on processed foods throughout the day is a big accomplishment.

I’m not experiencing any symptoms or noticing any changes at the moment.

I was never one to work out but may start doing 10 or so curl-ups a day. I also plan to lift my two pound hand weights. Nothing too serious but something.

Yesterday at dinner, I mentioned to my husband how maybe we should have eased into Whole30 by eating on the plan one meal a day for a few weeks. Or that we should have started by eating every other day on the Whole30 plan and work our way up to two and three days in a row.

I said this because I’m not into grocery lists and seeking out and making recipes. Also, because this is sort of difficult.

He very much surprised me by saying that what were doing was the way to do it….  just do it! Jump right in.

It eliminates all of the temptations.

So that was great and a surprise. I was feeling like I set us up for failure being I haven’t even shopped for Whole30 foods yet.

But he thought it was great to just do it.

Shopping is key

I finally went grocery shopping in the late afternoon. It wasn’t planned; I was dropping my child at a friend’s house and was thinking I should get some food because we are almost out of healthy things to eat.

I went in to the grocery store without a list but knew I wanted to buy potatoes. Potatoes! I am thrilled we can eat potatoes on Whole30.

An hour later of roaming the store and thinking of new things to buy, I now have approved food to eat.

Eating nuts on Whole30

I bought a container of almonds and ate some as soon as I got into the car because I was so famished.

I’m going to carry them around with me as emergency fuel. The next time I go to the store, I will need to get more.

It’s probably important to not rely on them as food at home but I will need something as hunger hits, and it’s important to be prepared.

My biggest challenge from Whole30 Day 3 is not eating something accidentally.

We had a play date over, and I set out cut up cheddar cheese, several types of crackers. I was very nervous I would eat some absentmindedly but I didn’t.

Food prep for Day 3:

I came home from the store and immediately did this because I was so famished.

  • Made hard-boiled eggs
  • Made baked potatoes

I didn’t end up eating the potatoes but will tomorrow.

Food for Whole30 daily log Day 3:

  • Ground beef, egg muffin bakes
  • Salad with salsa dressing, chicken, sliced sweet potato
  • Piece of apple
  • Raisins — about 12
  • Almonds
  • Three hard boiled eggs

Tip for next shopping: Buy nuts and some other snacks to keep in my purse for when out-of-nowhere hunger strikes.

Unfortunately, it never occurred to me to remember to exercise. Tomorrow!

Whole30 Daily Log Day 4

I woke up very tired because I went to bed late.

Also, I’m realizing I doing this without coffee. A few days a week my breakfast consists of coffee and chocolate almond or cashew milk.

So I’m very lucky I’m not having caffeine withdrawals or really even sugar withdrawals.

What’s been difficult is wanting to grab snacks when I’m stressed throughout the day.

Lately, my go-to snack in that situation was to eat one or more bags of those Costco Kirkland trail mix nuts with M&Ms. I miss eating these very much!

Thoughts on Whole30 on Day 4:

I really see myself being successful at doing this. I am keeping my sights on January 30th when I will be finished.

Today I looked into the Whole30 Real Plans meal planner a little bit. I’m not one to follow recipes so I’m not sure if I want to do this or not.

Whole30 books and resources

Joy! I reserved some Whole30 books at the library, and two are in. I am looking forward to reading parts of them.

While I did go online to the Whole30 website to learn whatever I could, part of me doesn’t want to read the books because I’m the type of person when I focus on food and what I’m going to eat, it makes me obsess about food.

It makes it a lot harder.

I like when my food and eating are afterthoughts.

Still, I’m going to check them out and hope to learn about the emotional side of eating.

I need to come back to update specifics about Day 4 because it was a big realization day…. I succeeded with some big challenges (two parties on a winter break Thursday) and am so proud.

No matter what, I’m going to stick with Whole30… no slip ups. How exciting it will be to look back on this month and feel like I have something to show for it!

Eye on the prize. Nothing will taste as good as doing Whole30 will make me feel. I’m already so proud of myself.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 5

The biggest thing for me is to not let myself get hungry because when the hunger strikes, it’s immediate and intense.

I am keeping a can of almonds in my purse for when I’m out. Another tactic is to peel hard boiled eggs and keep them in the refrigerator.

I didn’t feel tempted to sway from the plan today.

After not eating non-approved Whole30 foods or drinking alcohol at a party last night, I am fueled to carry on the entire 30 days. I ate a big lunch today to stave off being famished at 4pm, and it worked.

Sweet potatoes baked in avocado oil are fantastic! I want to experiment with other healthy oils when cooking as well.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 6

It’s Saturday, January 6th, and I’m proudly fully committed to Whole30. I have more energy for sure.

My cravings for chocolate and snacking are nonexistent. I’m so fueled by positive endorphins that I cannot imagine not sticking to this.

However, I haven’t exercised at all. I know I need to improve this in a big way.

Whole30 tip for Day 6

Eat, eat, eat. Not eating enough food or calories may cause you to derail the program. Stay the course! Eat!

Food prep for Day 6

I cut up raw chicken breast, potatoes, carrots, celery and onion and put it in a pan with olive oil, salt, pepper and water for lunch and dinner. It’s cooking right now.

Food I ate for a very late breakfast — meaning I actually ate it at 1pm — was:

  • Avocado
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Two hard boiled eggs

Exercise! Why can’t I make myself exercise? I’m not a regular exerciser, except for walking, which I stopped when I hurt my foot two months ago. I’m going to do a few curl ups at least.

Another tip for Day 6: I’m learning that I do not want to write down what I ate every day while on Whole30. It’s making me keep track and think about food when what I’m trying to do is not think about food.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 7

I’ve got this. I’m not sure I’m feeling any differently but there is no way, no how I’m going to slip up now when the worst part is over.

So I’m going without chocolate almond or cashew milk in my coffee. So what? I’ve gotten through the cravings for chocolate and the constant need for snacking.

If I don’t see that brownie mix or my kid’s leftover Halloween candy I hid, I’m fine.

The biggest thing for my success is to concentrate on the foods I can have, not the ones I can’t.

It’s a struggle, and I’m rerouting my thoughts often multiple times a day, but I’m focusing on the positive.

Food I prepared on Day 7:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Sweet potatoes

Whole30 Daily Log Day 8

Super tired today! I’m trying to taper off on my morning black coffee to sleep better at night. I know the day will come when I feel results from Whole30 but I’m not there yet. The only thing is I’m not thinking about snacking so much.
Thoughts to remember: 
  • Focus on food you can eat on Whole30, not what you can’t eat.
  • Don’t let yourself get hungry or you may instantly become ravenous. That’s when you will eat too many nuts or pieces of dried fruit. You will want to eat anything and everything, and this is where people derail.
Try as I might, I can’t make myself eat breakfast. Other than that, I’m following Whole30 100%.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 9

I really love having started Whole30 on January 1st because I know what day I’m on based on the date.
So, if you are thinking of starting Whole30, try to start on the first of any month. There is magic and power on that first day of the month. And it’s just so darn convenient to easily track what day you’re on.
On Day 7, I accessed the Real Plans meal planning tool on my laptop. (You can customize it by omitting what your family doesn’t eat and still have tons of choices!)
As I may have mentioned, I despise recipes. However, I thought I’d use a tool Whole30 suggests to get out of my food rut. One can only eat so many salads.
You must check out this online meal planning tool. It’s super-easy. I wrote an article about it, and about how user friendly it is.
Also, you can customize it to exclude ingredients you don’t like or that your family doesn’t like.
It was also helpful to be able to eliminate allergens as well as food I just didn’t want to deal with cooking, like shellfish and some other ingredients.

Real Plans Meal Planning Tool

I signed up for this meal planner a week ago but didn’t do anything with it.
But on Day 8, my household was really out of food I could eat. So I went to the meals the Real Plans program suggested.
When I first signed up, I signed up for too many meals, practically every other breakfast and dinner, for a total of 10 meals.
While I feel like I’m always in the kitchen on a non-Whole30 month, (my entire life prior to this month) I for sure never cooked from scratch meals 10 times per week.
After seeing what 10 meals looked like, and how many ingredients that would mean, I edited it down to six meals: two breakfasts, one lunch and three dinners.
I was very happy to see I could easily edit and modify the meal plan.

Real Plans meal app is customizable

I omitted eggs because I don’t need a recipe to make a wide variety of eggs, and I didn’t want to have to buy additional foods just to include eggs in more recipes. I was going to plan to eat eggs for the filler meals.

So, even with lots of omissions, Real Plans still was able to create what looks like awesome meals. The best part is my kids can eat everything safely (they have a few allergies) and my husband and I can stay true to Whole30.
The Real Plans program is awesome. It compiles a shopping list from the recipes you want to make that week. If there’s something you want to change or omit, you can.
For the week which I just did (two breakfasts, one lunch and three dinners) the shopping list clearly spelled out the 58 I would need.
Whole30 daily log beets and brussels
First recipe using Real Plans meal planning tool
It’s easy to go into your Real Plans shopping list to mark off the items you already have, such as spices, etc.
You can also easily add in other foods you want to remember to buy — in our case it was eggs and more avocados and tomatoes.
I’m very excited about this.I was getting very tired of salads and needed some warm foods. I’m not a big meat eater so these recipes will help me, I know it.

Day 9 using the Real Plans meal plan

I was so lucky that my husband volunteered to do the grocery shopping.

It was a big list with foods we typically don’t buy, so this was pretty amazing. When he came home, I started making two of the recipes. One was Bacon burgers and the other was beets and Brussels spouts with bacon.

I’ve never cooked beets in my life. I felt like such an adult!

The food was AMAZING! Hands down, these were the best burgers I’ve ever made and better than anything I ever had in a restaurant. My husband and I loved the vegetables too. (We make our kids try them.)

If I can eat food like this everyday, I can see myself being on Whole30 for longer than 30 days!

Whole30 Daily Log Day 10

It was so exciting to have such fantastic leftovers today. I’m not sure if this counts as a Whole30 slip up, but I found myself going back and forth to the refrigerator to get more beets and brussel sprouts…. they were that good.

Or maybe my body was just really needing these new foods!

Whole30 Daily Log Day 11

I made a few more recipes today. The idea with the meal plan is to follow along with the days they say, but I skipped around, taking a main course from one day and a side from another meal.

This is because I didn’t have time to cook until later in the day, and I didn’t have time to cook the meat for today. The Real Plans meal planner provides daily instructions of what to do when but I didn’t do it.

I chose to make a recipe with zucchini and onions as well as chorizo hash. Both were excellent. Again, we will have leftovers for tomorrow.

I’m liking the idea of cooking a meal every other day and feeding off other items and leftovers for the other time. I can’t spend an hour in the kitchen every day making recipes.

Emotionally, I’m finding that it’s really no longer a choice or difficult to do Whole30. I’m just doing it, that’s it.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 12

I’m not noticing any changes in my body but I’m feeling good.

For sure, I’m eating enough calories and trying hard to not reach for fruit. It’s approved for Whole30, but I’m worried about sugar. I really want to see if food is what is contributing to my leg and hip pain.

When there are enough groceries in the house, it’s been easy to follow Whole30.

So again, it’s really about not letting yourself get hungry. It’s then that you will want to get off track.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 13

Again, I woke up feeling super proud of myself for sticking to Whole30.

In a perfect world, I’d be doing some form of exercise too, but it’s not happening.

I’m enjoying making and eating cooked vegetables more than ever before. Most of this is due to the Real Plans meal planning service I subscribed to for this month. It’s so simple to meal plan, and it’s getting me to buy foods I never did before, including: beets, turnips, and zucchini.

My husband and I are loving these and are sort of binge-eating these vegetables.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 14

I’ve made it this far, there’s no way I’m stopping now. I’m staying on track with the recipes from my Real Plans meal plans. I’m cooking a meal every other day so I’m not spending too much time in the kitchen. That helps me not want to eat foods that aren’t Whole30 compliant.

All in all, I’m happy I started Whole30 and feel like I will have a lot to be proud of when I’m finished. I already plan to incorporate a few days a week on the Whole30 plan after my 30 days are over.

I’m in a Facebook group for Whole30 and many women are thirsting for wine when they are finished with Whole30. I feel like when I’m finished with this program, I will want nuts and chocolate but I’m broken my desire for wine.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 15

Boo hoo! I sure wish my hip pain would lessen.

They’ve been hurting off and on throughout being on Whole30. But yesterday and today, even taking Aleve isn’t helping.

This is very disappointing as I was expecting taking inflammatory foods out of my diet would help me. But, I’m only on Day 15 so maybe I will start feeling some relief soon. I would love to know if certain foods affecting me.

I am really sick of meat. After eating just a bit of pork, I roasted vegetables to eat the rest of the day. I tried two teaspoons of almond butter for the first time.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 16

What’s for breakfast?

I am finally eating breakfast because my kids are back at school, and I’m sitting in front of my computer which makes me want to eat. I’m having roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts and water.

It’s not very exciting but it’s filling and makes me feel like I’m actually eating.

Oh how I want to weigh in!

I’m feeling like my stomach is a bit flatter but I’m not recognizing anything else. It’s also nice not to wake up feeling like I’m hungover from carbs. This will probably be the week I start to notice changes.

It’s very exciting to think I can feel healthier. If I do, I know I will want to keep this up longer than 30 days.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 17

I worked at my kids’ school today. Why was everyone talking about food?

Adults and kids were talking about their favorite desserts and restaurants. It was almost too much to handle!

I came prepared to eat my Brussels sprouts, burger (just patty), mini tomatoes. Also, I also devoured my apple and banana.

I grilled up some more ground beef into sliced onions and peppers on my stove top.

For whatever reason, I’m pretty much done with eating raw vegetables. I need to get back to making meals from my meal plan instead of just feeding off random foods. They are in no way as satisfying.

The biggest disappointment of my day was logging into Facebook.

I checked in to my Whole30 Facebook group hoping to be motivated by everyone’s recipes, encouragement and struggles. Unfortunately, I was STUNNED to see how many people haven’t stayed with Whole30.

Seventeen days into Whole30, and someone in our Facebook group set up a poll to find out:

  • Who is staying strong with Whole30 to the end
  • If anyone was keeping to the premise but stopped following Whole30
  • Gave up completely

I was so deflated seeing just over half the participants veered off course.

Being accountable to this group is what has been making me want to stick with it.

They were my inspiration! Now what?

Wow, how all of this is making me want to eat brownies and chocolate.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 18

In the morning, I was again now thinking about chocolate.

Everyone is at school or work, and I am home alone — stressing with all I need to do.

This is when the Usual Me would go and get some non-approved Whole30 foods. I would pour some chocolate almond milk in my coffee. Then, I’d grab something else that was off limits.

But — I’ve come this far.

I’m on Day 18! ME!

I suppose I’ll have to continue — even though I really want to get up and eat some chocolate.

12 more days…. I really feel like if I don’t see this through to Day 30 that I will feel like I let myself down. I will feel like I failed.

It’s really critical for me to feel the confidence I will feel at having completed Whole30.

I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight so I’m really going to need to feel at least proud of myself.

I’m going to be one of the few in my group who finishes Whole30.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 19

I’m so sick of being on Whole30 and eating these foods.

I just want to graze like I used to without a thought or care about it. Cheese! Chocolate!

I hate thinking about what is safe to eat for the next time I’m hungry. It’s hard to imagine I could be craving chocolate and snacking. For many weeks I did not. So bummed!

I’m sure I feel better but I don’t think I felt that badly before.

What’s super tempting is getting on the scale. I need some sort of boost but truth be told, I’m not sure I’ve even lost any weight.

I felt like I was sailing through this for awhile, looking at the calendar and being shocked I’ve gotten this far.

But now, I’m like oh my gosh… how will I do this for 11 more days?

I will do it because I absolutely will not give up on myself right now, but I’m hoping for some breakthrough in feeling great that will make me see it’s been worth it.

I really need to find a protein source that is filling and that isn’t meat!

Whole30 Daily Log Day 20

This was a difficult day, just like Day 19 was.

I was craving foods so badly. Weekends are surprisingly difficult.

I barely sat at my computer so I wasn’t wanting food out of stress or procrastination. It was more that we were low on food in the house, and a bit on the run in the morning until the afternoon, so I didn’t get enough food.

I embarrassed myself picking a fight with my husband because he didn’t save the little bit of leftovers for me, and when I got home, I was left to eat un-filling eggs yet again.

Wow, Whole30 is hard. But that’s what makes it worthwhile. I keep telling myself this.

Don’t weigh yourself when you are on Whole30

I’m not noticing changes, which makes it hard to press on.

I can definitely see the advantage of not weighing in.

While it’s so very tempting to see if I’ve lost weight, it would be utterly disappointing to see I didn’t. It would derail me, and I could picture myself dropping out of Whole30 because of how disappointed I would be.

More like, I would be upset, anxious and mad and stressed and hopeless, and I would turn to food. I’m stunned at how often I must be snacking all day because I still really miss eating so much.


My husband made steak that night. Usually, I would pass on it but today, I ate probably 8 oz.

It felt so good to feel fed.

Whole 30 Daily Log Day 21

I don’t think I’ve been feeling any of that tiger blood on those Whole30 calendars, more like Kill All the Things… but… something awesome happened today. I put on a pair of jeans, and they were very loose. Like loose to the point where they were borderline sloppy looking. Full disclosure: These are size 12 jeans.

Never in my life until a year ago have I bought size 12’s. I’ve been a solid 10, through and through, with occasional times being a size 6 or an 8. However, I always returned to the comfortable weight of a Size 10 with my weight varying in the 130 – 140 lb range.

I don’t love it but I’ve learned to accept it.

However, now I’ve been in these Size 12 jeans for over a year. I can’t get back down to my size 10’s; I’m stuck in this 148 – 149 lb range. And, even worse, this is 148 – 149 in the morning, before eating or drinking anything. I’m well into the 150’s after a meal.

For the last six months, I’ve been really trying to lose weight.

Prior to Whole30, every morning I would get on the scale to ensure it never said 150 lbs. If I didn’t do this every day, I could see myself getting heavier without realizing it.

But try as I might, I wasn’t ever able to wake up and see the 130s again. Occasionally, I got down to 143 – 144 lbs, but the next day I’d be back to 147 – 148 lbs. I knew I was trending downward instead of up, but I wasn’t making any lasting changes.

Finally! In Day 21: Losing inches on Whole30

So, after 21 days on Whole30, to absolutely recognize my size 12 jeans are big on me, is a huge deal.

I’m eating enough calories for sure… but I’m not overeating either as there just aren’t enough reasons to justify overeating.

There is only so much meat and vegetables you will want to eat.

You will learn when you are on Whole30, and from reading It Starts With Food, that when you eat Whole30 approved foods, your body will feel satiated and satisfied. You will eat enough to feel fed.

Those foods with no brakes — the chips, chocolate, pizza, cookies, ice cream, fries, other trigger foods, etc. — those are foods that you eat and eat, and you want more and more.

I’m stunned at how much my brain still wants those foods. But! Now that I’ve experienced a break-through, I’m thrilled beyond belief that my body is responding to this lifestyle change.

I know Whole30 works for me. I have 10 more days on Whole30, and then I can weigh in. I’m hoping to see the scale says 130-something.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 22

It’s Whole30 Day 22… I’m still feeling the high from having lost noticeable inches. (I don’t see it looking in the mirror but I also wasn’t able to tell when I gained 10 pounds so I can’t count on that.)

However, I still have tremendous hip pain. It’s almost as if it’s hurting even more.

I was so hoping that dairy or grains or sugar were the reason… that they were the inflammatory foods affecting me. It’s cold and damp here in January, so maybe that’s what’s affecting me.

But I was really hoping it was certain foods so I could lessen or eliminate them in my life after Whole30. We shall see… I still have over a week left.

I knew once I got through those first difficult days on Whole30 that I was going to stick with it but I’m even more determined now. To slip up now — after getting this far — would be really, truly letting myself down.

What I mostly have to watch is that I will just pick up and eat food absentmindedly when I’m getting my kids’ food ready. I didn’t realize how often I did this because it’s been a habit I’m mindful of now everyday.

When I’m getting their food ready, I actually tell myself, “Don’t eat this.” So far, it’s worked.

Seriously, if you’ve made it out of that first week, kudos. Absolutely stick with Whole30. You will reap the rewards of feeling proud of yourself, and no piece of chocolate or glass of wine will make you feel the same.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 23

Wow! I’m on Day 23, and I am pretty darn psyched. I made up a bunch of salsa, ground beef and chorizo yesterday, so I’m set for today.

Last night, I was reading the Whole30 founders’ book, It Starts With Food. I highly recommend you check it out from the library or buy it.

I’ve just been reading a few pages a night, but there is a section on there that was explaining what happens with cortisol and insulin in your body even when you “think” you are eating healthy foods. How these foods affect our hormones is incredible.

It Starts With Food book

Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig, the authors and founders of Whole30, explain it so well, that it makes perfect sense. Today, I’m not even craving the trigger foods I usually think about.

The book gives the example of types of meals which seem healthy but wrack havoc in our bodies. These foods and drinks promote over-consumption while worsening leptin resistance and insulin resistance while elevating cortisol levels. They give the example of this type of day:

  • Shredded wheat with skim milk; whole wheat toast with margarine; artificially sweetened coffee — Later, we crave and drink:
    • Skinny caramel macchiato
  • Low-fat blueberry muffin with juice
  • Spaghetti and meatballs, skim milk — Then later, we want and consume:
    • Fig bar and small iced coffee
  • Brown rice, lean steak, honey-glazed carrots, whole wheat dinner roll — We still have room for and eat:
    • Fruit salad with yogurt and granola — Then, our minds later compel us to eat:
      • Ice cream, pretzels

Yikes — Some of those choices don’t sound that bad.

This makes me think of what I’m feeding my kids, in this day of sugar overload. I consider it a “win” when they eat Raisin Bran or similar cereal for breakfast. Always concerned about protein, it’s hard to come up with foods for them.

Practically everything they eat has some type of sugar in it…. even pasta sauce, bacon, milk, seemingly-healthy cereal, etc.

This makes me even more motivated to bring forth habits from Whole30 into our lives after 30 days are over. And, it will be much easier to incorporate a Paleo diet now that my husband and I are used to eating Paleo type foods.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 24

I’m considering this the home stretch. Food cravings have disappeared. Hip pain was less today than it’s been.

I was tired but I know it’s not from carb crashing; it was because I went to bed late from watching too much Netflix (watching The Crown). That’s been one thing for sure…. When I’m tired, I know it’s because I’m actually tired. I’m not tired because of poor food choices.

All in all, my focus is much better.

I’m able to stay on task much better to finish whatever it is I’m doing instead of starting new things. I’ve definitely noticed this when I’m on the computer; I’m finishing what I start instead of opening up multiple browsers, clicking over to Facebook, etc.

So for sure, there are lots of intangible gains coming from being on Whole30. It’s much more than, “How much weight will I lose?”

Whole30 Daily Log Day 25

Despite having had massive cravings on Days 19 and 20, when you get this far into Whole30, there is just no way you will want to stop. The thought of letting myself down this far into it? It’s just not an option.

There is nothing I will need to eat — even though brownies still call my name Every Single Day — that will ruin it for me. Remember that phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels?” That’s true in this instance too.

Sure, I may not be classically “thin” at the moment, but…

No food or drink will be worth breaking my 25 day streak.

So, in many ways it gets harder the longer you are on Whole30. Your brain really wants you to eat and drink what you’re used to having. But then, in so many ways, it gets easier.

You can think to yourself: I made it X days, and that was so very difficult; I’m sure not stopping now.

I’m really sick of eating these foods. It occurred to me that my husband and I haven’t had seafood — aside from albacore canned tuna — since we started Whole30. We could have been eating salmon, shrimp, and more! How did we forget about seafood?!

Whole30 Daily Log Day 26

The real irony with Whole30 is just when we start to feel better and reap the benefits of cutting out all these foods from our diet, it’s soon time to eat those very same foods again. Ugh!

Benefits from being on Whole30

As of today, the rewards are now rolling in:

  • I slept for a full six hours last night without waking up once. That’s a miracle that I can count doing three times in the last 10+ years.
  • My face is slimmer.
  • All my jeans are loose; my body seems smaller.
  • When I’m tired, I know it’s because I need more sleep; it’s not from carb crashing.
  • No temptation to overeat

I never notice when I gain or lose weight so it’s surprising I can notice it in my face, especially when I haven’t exercised at all. I mean, none. Unfortunately, my hips and foot still hurt so I’m trying to give them a rest. That’s really just an excuse because I could be doing some push-ups or sit-ups.

I have been very conscious of making sure I eat enough calories every day. Certainly, I don’t want to start gaining weight back after Whole30 so it’s very important to eat enough.

There were definitely some days when I didn’t eat very much, but it wasn’t intentional. When you can’t eat sugars, processed foods, grains, and dairy, all the appeal is gone.

Read all about everything great that happened to my body and mind on Day 26.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 27

Being prepared is key! Today was a running-around day. I brought nuts and cut up apples along. We really need a trip to the grocery store. My cravings have vanished. Food just isn’t really that appealing right now.

It’s difficult to overeat on Whole30

Overall, you likely will not overeat on Whole30. It is very difficult to eat too many eggs or too much meat. They’re just not that appealing. Even if I had thought to buy seafood and ate too many shrimp — sauteed in olive oil, garlic and sea salt, yum — for a few days, there’s really no harm.

Even fruits and vegetables? Maybe you ate too much broccoli or cauliflower rice. So what? It just doesn’t really matter or affect you negatively.

What do we want to eat and overindulge in? Chocolate and pizza and pasta and cheesecake. I want to graze on appetizers all night and enjoy a few glasses of wine. I want to sit on my couch at 9pm and eat chocolate brownie ice cream while watching Netflix.

These are the foods that I want to overeat, not approved foods from Whole30.

I can absolutely notice my body is smaller.

I usually can’t tell when I’ve gained (unfortunately, I realize it when it’s 15 – 20 pounds; not five pounds) or lost weight but this time, I can absolutely notice. This is all from the healthy food choices, and I’m sure cutting out all of those processed foods.

I have done zero exercise… really, less than ever. Again, it never occurs to me to even stretch or to lift light hand weights.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 28

Seriously, I am stunned I made it this far. All of those cravings… but now, I am really realizing the results from Whole30. How can I think about stopping on Day 31?

Reintroducing foods on Whole30

I think the hard part is we’ve been counting down the days until Whole30 ends. But this is when your work really pays off.

Reintroducing foods to find out how your body reacts to it. So while we want chocolate and pizza and tortillas, we really need to go about this the smart way. We’ve come too far to stop now.

It’s time to read about reintroducing foods for after Whole30. I’m thinking of starting with legumes.

But maybe I want to have a chocolate day and see how it makes me feel. And here I thought I’d kicked my cravings. I’m very concerned once I start eating non-Whole30 foods, that I will have an eating frenzy.

I don’t want to go back to the Old Me.

Should I do Whole30?

If you are at all considering whether to do Whole30, you absolutely must.

You owe it to yourself.

Thirty days will come and go regardless if you do Whole30, right?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have something to show for it?

So much of what we do in our lives is wonderful but it’s often hard to see tangible results. Not only will you feel super-proud, you will most likely experience something positive from the experience.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 29

This is really the home stretch. I’m thinking back to the conversation I had with my friend the day before starting Whole30. I was undecided whether I should do it but decided to so I could support her. It’s really amazing to me I succeeded at this!

I was thinking about one of the big reasons I was successful, which is: It’s not purposefully seeking out reasons to focus on food.

This is why when I try to lose weight for an upcoming event, I usually don’t succeed. I’m too focused on it. I’ve always done much better maintaining or losing weight when food isn’t a focus or priority.

Don’t keep a Whole30 daily food log

I really cannot overemphasize this enough. Don’t write down what you are eating.

Your goal is to not have your life revolve around food in an emotional sense. We still have to deal with it every day by prepping, shopping, preparing, cleaning afterwards, etc. So don’t look for additional time to spend on food.

Not having to look for recipes, because I’m using that meal plan, has helped me.

Whole30 Daily Log Day 30

Holy Toledo! I did it! Me, someone who never even heard of Whole30. Someone who, once I did learn what it was, thought, “No way and no how can I even do this for one day.”

I powered through Day 30, fueled with feelings of accomplishment and pride. You owe it to yourself to get to this day. Don’t stop once you’ve decided to do Whole30. Really, just do it.

Reintroducing foods after Whole30

It’s tempting to think of eating like crazy tomorrow but that’s not what this was about.

That was the Old Me thinking, pre-Whole30. Now, I’m realizing I can live without all this processed, convenient food.

I’m going to start with reintroducing legumes so I can have beans. Then, a few days later, I am going to allow what Whole30 considers the cheat foods — like I will make frozen banana ice cream or egg-banana pancakes. I will have the occasional chocolate.

I will write a follow up to this to see how my next 30 days after Whole30 goes. See what I learned being on Whole30.

Whole30 daily log

I’ve written every single day with my progress on Whole30.

You can do this! If you are at all considering it, it may be something to start.

My husband discovered he cannot tolerate dairy. I learned gluten was causing my leg, hip and foot pain. How incredible is this?!

I am feeling immensely proud of myself and that feeling is fueling me through this journey. Because I learned so much about my habits and how my body responds to foods, I did it again in September. It was much easier the second time!


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