Taking a Social Break Over Summer Break

There’s something really awesome about summer break. Yes, there’s the loose schedules and less demands. You don’t have to rush in the mornings, make lunches, pester about homework, or drive the kids to endless activities.

There’s quality family time. There’s actually time to play games, bring out crafts, and do puzzles. You can actually relax and just hang out without rushing everyone to the Next Thing.

But there’s something even better: We get a break from the social scene and some of those moms we just don’t love.

Sure, I love being a part of whatever is happening. But during the school year, it’s go – go – go. There’s barely a night a month that’s free. And when you do have one, it’s filled quickly with the “shoulds.”

It’s the chaos and the keeping up with everything and everyone that I need a break from.

During summer, I can disappear from Facebook for weeks at a time. My mind takes a vacation from everyone.

Baring something tragic, I really don’t want to know what’s going on with everyone. Just as I’m sure my kids need some time to recharge and get away from their friends and peers, I do as well.

Skipping the Social Scene Over Summer Break

In the spring, I envision relaxing weeks of summer and all I hope to accomplish.

In my mind, I’m already planning the guest list and some potential dates for different parties I want to have. Maybe a neighbor bash? That would be good to not have hurt feelings. “You weren’t invited because it was just my neighbors!”

I think of starting a Fourth of July party tradition, just as my parents did for 30+ years.

I want to be that cool house. The party house. The house where kids can just drop in, anytime, and always be welcome.

I want to have endless gallons of ice cream and pitchers of lemonade. I want to have a fully-stocked bar for all the parties and moms’ nights I’m planning.

But somehow, it just doesn’t happen.

Even though I’ve got entire weekends completely free — zero plans — I can’t get myself to invite some of those families that I really do want to have over.

I watch my kids play Fortnite with their friends — and talking with them through their headsets — and think, “Why do we need to have play dates? This is a play date in itself.”

So I continue to do nothing. I’m not even inclined to extend a group invitation to everyone suggesting we all meet up to go bowling, a movie, or to the trampoline park.

break over summer break
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I want to keep my kids to myself….

In our cozy little world with zero outside obligations except for work and summer reading and hanging out and having no specific plans.

Taking a Social Break Over Summer Break

With the new school year just on the horizon, the craziness and chaos will begin soon enough.

We will be forced to interact at school functions and our calendars will fill. We will be back to operating in catch-up mode.

Whether we like it or not, we will be forced to interact with everyone again.

In the meantime, I’m hoping it’s okay to just want to take a break from it all. It’s great for the mind and the soul.