How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook & Finding Friends to Add

How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook

Here we explain how to send a friend request on Facebook. Like with everything, Facebook makes this easy to do. There are a few ways to add friends. We’ll start with the straightforward way. After that, we’ll talk about ways to add friends from Facebook friend suggestions as well as from your existing list of Facebook friends. Sending a friend request is also called Facebook friending or friending on Facebook. How to send a friend request on Facebook Log onto your Facebook account. On the top, in the blue border, you will see a white Search bar. Type in the … Read more

Someone doesn’t accept your Friend Request on Facebook: Now what?

someone not accepting friend request

When someone doesn’t accept your friend request on Facebook, it’s upsetting. You put yourself out there and were ignored or denied. You have a right to be hurt, embarrassed and mad. Someone not accepting your friend request can mean different things depending on the situation. Here’s what to consider and what to do. Someone not accepting your friend request on Facebook Before reacting, you need to take a few days. Things always seem worse right away. With technology, we are so used to everything happening immediately. Just because someone doesn’t accept your friend request right away, doesn’t mean she won’t. … Read more

I was having a great day until I logged on Facebook

not being invited to something

Before Facebook, we went on our oblivious merry way, not knowing about something we weren’t invited to. People had no means to broadcast their social lives. They couldn’t actively promote themselves and their popularity. Before social media, we had no way of knowing or seeing what everyone was up to. It’s so much different now. Have you ever logged onto Facebook and found out about an outing you weren’t invited to? What about seeing a bunch of neighbors tagged in a post but you seem to be the only one on the block who wasn’t invited? Whatever people’s motives are … Read more

Someone Unfriended You on Facebook ~ Now What?


Think about someone unfriending you on Facebook. Do you flinch just thinking about this? It’s a digital slap in the face. Here’s how to know if someone unfriended you on Facebook and what to do about it. Even though it’s common, being unfriended on Facebook hurts. It’s normal to feel upset, obsess, and be mad. It also leads to many questions. It’s natural to wonder why. On social media there’s always something to make you happy or make you obsess. It affects our mood in many ways, sometimes good and sometimes bad. When someone unfriends you on Facebook for no … Read more

Taking a Break from Facebook ~ Here’s How to Do It

break from social media

When you want to take a break from Facebook, you have options. You can decide to not go on Facebook for awhile, or you can deactivate your account. Whether you are thinking of giving up Facebook for a few days or weeks, or you are thinking of quitting Facebook altogether, consider your choices. Taking a break from Facebook Before doing anything, here are the options to take a break from Facebook. You can: Give Facebook up for a few days, weeks or longer by simply not logging on. For mental health To save time To see if you can Deactivate … Read more

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