Giving up Facebook for Lent and other times

giving up facebook

It’s a true sign of the times when your Facebook friends start giving up Facebook for Lent. Why give up chocolate or eating between meals when we can work on other habits? It’s awesome seeing people identify their so-called vices or areas in which they’d like to improve. It’s like embarking on a diet or exercise plan or anything else. We’re all just trying to do better, be better, and feel better. Giving up Facebook for Lent The new year and Lent are great times to begin these “giving up X” ventures because they have clear start dates. Meaning, you … Read more

I was having a great day until I logged on Facebook

not being invited to something

Before Facebook, we went on our oblivious merry way, not knowing about something we weren’t invited to. People had no means to broadcast their social lives. They couldn’t actively promote themselves and their popularity. Before social media, we had no way of knowing or seeing what everyone was up to. It’s so much different now. Have you ever logged onto Facebook and found out about an outing you weren’t invited to? What about seeing a bunch of neighbors tagged in a post but you seem to be the only one on the block who wasn’t invited? Whatever people’s motives are … Read more

Teachers on Facebook: The Slippery Slope

Teachers on Facebook

As if teachers don’t have it hard enough, then there’s Facebook. What a slippery slope it must be with privacy and other issues. They want the fun and convenience of social media too. Yet, teachers on Facebook have to be more careful than the rest of us. Teachers¬†are overworked and in a vast number of locations, grossly underpaid. At least, teachers should be able to unwind on Facebook without judgement. Facebook seems to be the outlet of choice, though many are hanging around on other social media platforms as well.¬†Teachers have a right to Post and Like and Comment and … Read more

To Unfriend or to Unfollow, That Is the Question

Unfriend vs Unfollow…. What to do? The great news is that Facebook gives us choices. You can choose the drastic measure of unfriending someone if you must. However, if the person simply annoys you, you can unfollow him or her. There are significant differences between unfriending and unfollowing. What does it mean to Unfriend someone When you unfriend someone, you are no longer Facebook friends with her. You are basically saying, “I am done with you. I don’t even want to have a virtual relationship with you.” You are making a statement when you unfriend someone. The good news is … Read more

Someone Unfriended You on Facebook ~ Now What?


Think about someone unfriending you on Facebook. Do you flinch just thinking about this? It’s a digital slap in the face. Here’s how to know if someone unfriended you on Facebook and what to do about it. Even though it’s common, being unfriended on Facebook hurts. It’s normal to feel upset, obsess, and be mad. It also leads to many questions. It’s natural to wonder why. On social media there’s always something to make you happy or make you obsess. It affects our mood in many ways, sometimes good and sometimes bad. When someone unfriends you on Facebook for no … Read more

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