How to Change Facebook Page Name

It seems like networking of any kind only occurs on social media sites these days, and Facebook is currently the big boss of all social networking. With a monthly user base of 2.7 billion active users, it hosts more than a third of our global population already.

If you have a Facebook account and you’re looking to change your Facebook Page name as a casual user or a business, the process can be pretty straightforward. Read on to find out the simple steps that will tell you how to change Facebook Page name with ease.

How to change your Facebook Page name

What Is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page is a public profile on the social networking giant that allows other users to find and interact with you with incredible ease. Pages can be created by personal users and businesses, not to mention fans and artists, to create a presence online. They can share their stories, contact information and stay updated on the events of the lives of their followers.

Advantages of a Personal Facebook Profile

If you’re a casual user with a personal Facebook page, these are some of the many advantages of using this site.

Connecting With Old Friends and New

Nearly a quarter of the planet is currently Facebook. It’s a powerful social networking site. This means that it’s an easy way to find old friends and make new ones as well. It’s easy to learn how to send a friend request on Facebook.

Additionally, you can easily stay in touch with your current social circle as people post regularly on the site with regards to occurrences from their personal lives. You’ll never miss a Facebook birthday again, thanks to this social networking marvel!

Video Chats

While most interactions on Facebook tend to occur silently using content posts and replies, you do have the option of using their video chat to have a face-to-face and a heart-to-heart. Thanks to Messenger, it’s now easier than ever to video chat with people in your Facebook circle.

Image and Video Posts

So you recently went on a vacation and have tons of photos to share and too many people to share it with? Quite the dilemma isn’t it? Well, thanks to Facebook, you can minimize the sharing element by posting all your pictures on one site and allow your friends and family to find their way to your photos.

This helps you save a lot of time and effort, not to mention bandwidth, while keeping your close ones in the loop regarding the happenings in your life.

News and Infotainment

Facebook has come under the scanner for the quality of information being shared on the site recently. However, it still remains one of the best sources for news and information on the internet.

Almost every bit of news that’s worth knowing goes viral on Facebook as it’s a real-time social networking site. This allows you to stay in touch with any breakthrough events occurring in the world as it happens.

Acts as a Personal Portfolio

You can use your Facebook profile to tell the world more about yourself and your general likes and dislikes. It thereby effectively becomes a personal portfolio as other users will be able to learn a lot about you as an individual when they log onto your page. You can showcase your best self on Facebook.

Advantages of a Business Facebook Page

Facebook has been the go-to social networking site for businesses—small and large, for quite a while now. It goes without saying then that there are several advantages of having a Business Facebook page. These are the top reasons presented below:

changing your Facebook name with the FB app

Access an Immense Database

With a staggering 1.6 billion daily users on Facebook, it goes without saying that this is the largest portal on our planet to make contact with your customer base, regardless of the nature of your business.

You will no longer have to rely on multiple mediums to target such a large audience. You can shift strategies as a business and create multiple strategies by using a singular medium to get your work done.

The potential for business is truly immense on Facebook, and this is why it makes sense to have a Facebook Business Page. A personal Facebook profile is capped at 5,000 friends, whereas a Page is unlimited.

Mailer Lists

You may have a vast number of followers on your Page, but you can’t rely on Facebook forever for your advertising needs. This site, however, does allow you the opportunity to create a vast mailing list that can be used for all future endeavors as well.

Once you have the email addresses of numerous followers, you can contact them without the help of the social networking site and continue to stay in touch with them regarding any developments in your business.

Decrease Advertising Budgets

Your advertising expenditure can be substantially lowered with the smart use of a Facebook Page. This is especially true when you have a business that’s targeted toward internet users.

Previously, businesses would have to spread their advertising expenses across multiple mainstream mediums such as television, hoardings, radio jingles and so on. Today, the idea is to minimize the use of multiple platforms, if possible, and conduct focused advertising on the most effective medium in the market—Facebook.

Targeted Advertisements

Not only can you hit millions of people with a single advertisement if you have the budget for it, but you can also create advertisements that target certain demographics of your customer base.

Facebook allows you to target your audience based on location, age, interest, gender, earnings, etc. in order to concentrate your ad campaigns on the demographics that will work the best.

Facebook Insights

This social networking site also provides immense insights in the form of analytical data that allows you to understand just how well or poorly your Page has been performing in the recent past.

You can understand important details such as the time your page is most seen, the number of people visiting your Page, the effectiveness of each ad campaign, etc. From there, you can make necessary changes to maximize your impact with the audience.

facebook login screen on phone

Why Change Your Facebook Page Name?

If you’re wondering how to change your Facebook page name, you’ll likely probably be doing this for one of the following reasons:

  • You’re a casual user who wants to add a creative twist to their existing name.
  • You’re a casual user who wants to stay anonymous while using Facebook.
  • If you are a business who wants to claim a username.
  • You are a personal user who wants to claim a username.
  • You’ve renamed your business.

Changing your Facebook Page name can have numerous advantages for personal and business users, and the two biggest ones are listed below:

Easier to Locate

There can be many repetitions on Facebook in terms of names. This is the case especially when you consider that billions of users are on this site. By switching names to something that’s easier to find, you’re allowing your personal and professional circles to locate you on the site with greater ease.

This works especially well when you’re a business. Facebook now allows you to claim usernames to help you permanently associate yourself with a title.

For example: If your Business Page is called “Jack and Jill Hill Top Resorts,” the current Facebook address would only slightly resemble this title with a bunch of other numbers and symbols in tow.

By claiming a username, you can shorten and simplify your Facebook Page location. This allows other users to locate you with immense ease.

SEO Purposes

Another major reason you can look to change your Facebook Page name, especially as a business, is to make it a lot easier in the SEO process.

When people look for “Jack and Jill Hill Top Resorts” on Google or other search engines, it becomes a lot easier for the site to navigate to your Page with the change in username (especially if it’s been claimed).

How to Change Page Name on Facebook on Desktop

Follow these simple steps to help you learn how to change the name of a Facebook Page pronto:

  1. Go to on your computer and log into your account.
  2. Find the “About” tab on the left-hand side of the menu.
  3. Located the heading that’s titled “General” on this page.
  4. Click on the “Edit” button that’s next to your current name.
  5. A new page should open at this point.
  6. Find the “Request New Page Name” button on this page.
  7. Facebook will now analyze and approve your new name.
  8. They will also offer tips on how to find the best name.
  9. Limit the page title to 75 characters.
  10. Click on “Continue” to finish the process.

How Do I Change My Page Name on Facebook Mobile?

You can also change your Facebook Page name on your iPhone or Android smartphone using the app. To learn how to edit Facebook Page name on mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Log into or go to the app and access your profile page.
  2. Find the “About” section that’s on the left of your main menu.
  3. Tap on the “Edit page info” tab.
  4. The next screen should have a tab called “Update page info”. Click on this button.
  5. Locate the “Name” field on this section and enter your new page name.
  6. Click on “Done” once you’ve finalized your name.

You can now share the name of your new page with all your followers, and update them about the change in your title.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Change Facebook Page Name

How to Change Business Name on Facebook?

There is no difference when it comes to changing the Facebook name of a business or personal user. Simply follow the steps presented above based on your platform of your choice (mobile or computer) to change name of Facebook page.

Why Can’t I Change My Facebook Page Name?

There may be reasons you can’t change your Facebook page name. It will likely be due to one of the following reasons:

  • If you’re using abusive terms or phrases that can violate or disturb the rights of other users.
  • If you’re using the word “official” even when it isn’t the official page of a brand, organization, place or public figure.
  • You’re using capitalization incorrectly. Example: JaCK anD JiLL HilL toP CaFE. You’re not allowed to use all caps either.
  • If you’re using symbols or unnecessary punctuation in your name.
  • You’re using slogans, taglines or descriptions in your title.
  • If you’re using any variation of the word “Facebook” in your title.
  • Using only generic terms such as “Mobile” or “Computer”.
  • If you’re only using the name of a location such as “London”.
  • If you’re using more than 75 characters in your page name.
  • You don’t have admin rights to the page.
  • If you’ve changed the name recently. You have to wait seven days to change the name again.
  • You’re trying to Facebook change page name of a regional page that actually falls under a global page.

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It’s All in a Name

You may have a wide range of reasons to change your name on Facebook—from wanting more privacy to wanting more attention. To each their own on social networking! We all use Facebook for different reasons. In addition, we all have different types of relationships with each of our Facebook friends.

Whatever the reason, you won’t have much trouble changing the name of your Facebook Page. Simply follow the simple steps presented above. We always recommend using a laptop or desktop rather than trying to change it from your phone.

As long as your new name does not contain any controversial words and doesn’t use the words “Facebook” or “official” you should be able to make the change lickety-split.

Now you know how to change a Facebook page name, the only thing left after that would be to spread the word about your new name. This way, the people you want to be able to find you will be able to. Stand out among the billions of other users!

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