Happy Birthday, Facebook Friend! Let’s Celebrate Facebook Birthdays.

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Bring on the emojis, one of your Facebook friends is having a birthday!

Facebook birthdays

You would think that if you have at least 365 friends, you should have a Facebook birthday Notification every single day.*

Of course, it never works out that way unless you have over 2,200 friends. There are more stats involved involved than assuming you have a one in 365 chance of having a birthday on any particular day.

You also have to calculate each person’s chance on having a birthday on a day that no one else does. So it’s rather complex, and I had to look it up.

My original guess was much lower; I was thinking you would need around 800 Facebook friends to have a birthday Notification everyday.

The studies range from 2,200 – 2,400 depending on the mathematician. My eyes were glazing over so I’m sticking to 2,287 because I saw it twice. And how wonderful I could look this up so quickly! And that people have written about this is also fantastic. #lovetheinternet

Facebook birthdays
Celebrating Facebook birthdays (Photo credit: Wiebke)

Facebook birthday notifications

Who doesn’t love a Facebook Happy Birthday each year from scores of friends?

Prior to Facebook, we went through our adult lives celebrating privately, going about our day thinking but never really being able to say:

Hey! It’s my birthday here. I want some attention!

Facebook’s low-key birthday Notifications are fantastic.

I barely write down people’s birthday’s anymore. I’ve freed up mental space not holding onto them.

Sure, lifelong friends’ birthdays will be forever embedded in my brain but I never have to worry about the day slipping past me and missing the chance to text, call, or post to their Wall.

Each day, Facebook tells us if anyone in our Facebook friend circle has a birthday (if they included it in their profile). It has been an incredible feature. There’s even a helpful Facebook feature that enables you to see friends’ upcoming birthdays and which birthdays you missed.

They’ve made it so easy for us to find friends birthdays!

And when it’s your own birthday, it’s wonderful to get Facebook recognition and well-wishes.

Without Facebook, if we are well-connected, we might have 3 – 15 friends and family reaching out via cards, texts, emails and phone calls.

Now, due to Facebook, we have dozens, and it’s awesome.

Facebook makes birthdays great

As we get older, Facebook Happy Birthdays are sometimes one of the only good things.

Think about it…. We go to work; we have a zillion responsibilities at home. Heck, we probably even bought our own birthday present.

Now with Facebook, we can spend moments in our special day checking our Wall to see all the greetings. It’s much more fun than work, responsibilities and going about our day with zero attention.

Also, it’s a fantastic chance for people to take the time to actively reach out to you, not in the casual way we do whenever we scroll past people’s Posts, casually pressing Like or making a Comment.

On a regular day, I wouldn’t take the time to reach out to a former boss or co-worker with whom I’ve lost contact.

Being given permission to make a well-wishing Happy Birthday Post to someone without it seeming weird is great. It also gives us a chance to reflect on them and our friendship. That all takes maybe 20 seconds to Post and think nice thoughts.

It took practically zero effort, and we can get on with our day.

Birthdays in common

It’s also been fun to see others I didn’t know I share a birthday with.

Did you ever notice a day where there are more than two or three Facebook friends’ birthdays the same day? For me, that day is March 5th. I have five Facebook friends who share that birthday, plus I know two other people not on Facebook with that day.

I like to think of people who share birthdays to decide if they have any of the same traits in common. This is especially amusing because they are usually different ages and from my different worlds.

Birthdays on Facebook

You decide if you want your birthday on Facebook. They make it very easy. You can change birthday on Facebook at any time.

You can even choose to hide your birthday on Facebook too. Or maybe you want to leave the month and date and omit the year. This way, you still get the positive attention but avoid all of your Facebook friends knowing your exact age.

Online celebrations

Facebook birthdays are just another reason it’s hard to break the Facebook habit and why we are so easily drawn to Facebook. Facebook offers a simple way to remember and reach out to our friends and family so easily.

Isn’t it fun to have a Facebook birthday? Celebrating birthdays on Facebook is yet another reason to love Facebook.

What do you love about celebrating your Facebook birthday? Do you have a day when you have so many more Facebook friends with birthdays than any other days? Please leave your thoughts in the Comments.

*Leaving out February 29th for simplicity.



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