Adults Need Attaboys Too: Another Reason Facebook Is So Great

Adults Need Attaboys – We really don’t get that many attaboys as adults. Maybe we get a paycheck or we’ve had a somewhat successful week parenting.* Other than that, really, it’s not like our peers and family are saying, “Great job,” to us… ever.

Many of us can fill the void with Facebook. Because we handle and accomplish so much each day, we often feel exhausted or stressed. But there’s a way to lift our spirits! We can send a post out to Facebookland and most likely, someone will acknowledge us.

Getting positive attention

Depending on how many Facebook friends you have, you will probably get lots of positive feedback. In Facebook-speak, that approval comes in the form of Likes and Comments. People do all sorts of things to increase their Facebook Likes and Comments, including posting cliffhanger posts and short, open-ended quips.

There are actually studies which demonstrate¬†how to boost your Facebook post. It’s a serious thing. Really, our psyches are hanging on it.

Who doesn’t love getting lots of attention from their post? No one wants to post something to their wall and only to receive a pity Like or two. That’s pathetic and makes us feel even worse than before we logged onto Facebook.

We post to get attention. We post to show off. Why are we posting? We want to be noticed and acknowledged.

Sure, sometimes you’ll have some moms in your Facebook circle who won’t give you a Like, no matter what you do. Forget those people! Most, at some point, will see and acknowledge one of your posts. You will be fulfilled.

The Facebook machine fuels us with positive energy

Facebook users will find, the more they put out there — in the form of posting — the more positive accolades and attention they will receive. It’s like a marketing campaign.

You need to keep yourself top of mind.

adults need attaboys
Getting attaboys on Facebook

It becomes a bit addicting at times. You post something to your wall, and then you use lots of energy and time checking back to respond to what others wrote back.

You see who gave you a Like or a Love. In the process, you feel happy that your post has garnered such positive attention.

It brightens your day and lifts your spirits. So you post again and again. Maybe you’re really happy or maybe you’re feeling bored or down.

Post away, and the Facebook Feedback Machine will pump you with some attaboys.

It’s addicting, harmless and fun. It’s just another reason we love Facebook and keep coming back for more, even when we’re trying to take a break from it.

We work hard in our lives to do the right thing, and sometimes, we just need to know we are doing something right.

Maybe that’s showing off our kid’s straight A’s report card or maybe that means showing off about our vacation. Just give us a Like, and make us feel fulfilled…. okay?!

We’ll be back to posting again tomorrow, when we need another boost.

* By successful, I mean we got dinner on the table (or on the way out the door) and everyone made it to school and completed their homework on time.

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