To brag or humblebrag? That is the question.

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Facebook is there for the taking. Everyone has their own wall. We can all do what we want with it. It’s our own billboard on the highway. All of our friends get to drive past it. And we get to be in charge of our very own marketing campaign.

Post away! It’s up to you what you post to your wall. You too can brag and tell the world how great you and your family are. You too can show off all the great things you are doing all of the time. No one is stopping you.

The Boast Post

With the popularity of Facebook and other social media, people get to call attention to themselves whenever they want to. It’s fantastic. Within reason of course, you can pretty much post anything you want to. Knowingly or unknowingly, when you post, you are creating an image for yourself and your family.

We all are doing it.

Take a minute to think about some of your Facebook friends who post regularly… the ones you never see in real life. Maybe they live in a different state or you were coworkers or neighbors once upon a time.

Don’t you feel like you really know them? You have a fairly good idea about their lives, hobbies, families and their personalities. You know this from the scores of posts they’ve put out into Facebookland through the years.

Soon, we start associating people with certain things. Oh, so and so will think this is funny, I’ll tag her. This Facebook friend likes rescue dogs, I’ll share this post with him. I’ll tag Brenda in this post about spiders because she’s scared of them. It goes on and on.

We haven’t seen these people in 10 – 20 years but we really feel like we know them.

humblebrag on Facebook
What’s worse, humblebragging or showing off?

Along those lines, because we have a feel for everyone’s personalities, we sort of know what they’re up to when they post.

It’s interesting how some people can post something to their Facebook wall, and it doesn’t seem like bragging or even humblebragging. Yet others could make that same darn post, and it seems like showing off.

Take two people. Have them post the exact same thing. Say they post a family success on their wall… like, their kid just won a karate competition or something.

Chances are, you might think one of them is bragging and the other is just happy for their kid.

But it’s the same post. Why should it matter?

It depends on the person

There have been times when some of my friends and I don’t want to acknowledge a certain mom’s post/boast about her kids. We’ve just had ENOUGH with her showing off. Yet, if anyone else posted the same thing, none of us would care. We would give it a Like. We wouldn’t purposely withhold our Like. It wouldn’t bother us at all.

To humblebrag or show off?

Which is better? Would you rather someone just own it, and say yeah I am bragging. Give me lots of attention with your Likes and Comments please. Or would you rather them be less bold? Enter: the humblebrag. Or does it really depend on the person?

It’s forever interesting how some people can come across as tiresome to the point we might unfollow them and others can post the exact same thing, and they’re not irritating.

It’s because, even though you may not know the person well anymore, you just “Facebook know” them, you somehow still know what kind of person s/he is.

No matter whether some of your Facebook friends are humblebragging or showing off, maybe they are genuinely happy about something they want to share. Or maybe they are being sarcastic about something. Then there are others who have personalities who Always Need To Be In The Limelight or who are just maddening for being so darn perfect all the time.

They make us moms feel like crap. Sometimes we just get fed up and don’t want to elevate their status. It happens to the best of us.

What do you think of people who are bragging? Or do you prefer to see Facebook posts that humblebrag instead? What have you seen people brag about? Leave your Comments below.


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