Thanks for Inviting Me but I Can’t Be Bothered to RSVP

RSVP meaning

Something that gets on my very last nerve is people who can’t be bothered to RSVP for an Evite party or event. I mean really, how much easier can it be with these online invitations? I’ve only ever used so I can only speak about this particular company. Online invitations are so convenient and easy to use for the host and the recipients. There are always friends and acquaintances who will RSVP right away or within days of receiving the evite, and others whom you will never, ever hear from. You took the time to invite them, but they … Read more

Taking a Social Break Over Summer Break

wanting no plans over summer break

There’s something really awesome about summer break. Yes, there’s the loose schedules and less demands. You don’t have to rush in the mornings, make lunches, pester about homework, or drive the kids to endless activities. There’s quality family time. There’s actually time to play games, bring out crafts, and do puzzles. You can actually relax and just hang out without rushing everyone to the Next Thing. But there’s something even better: We get a break from the social scene and some of those moms we just don’t love. Sure, I love being a part of whatever is happening. But during … Read more

Things to Do Before Going Online: for Adults!

things to do before going online

You will see them in April or May. Well-intentioned moms begin sharing articles on Facebook about ways for kids to minimize electronics’ use in the summer. It’s a real issue: Our kids’ long days of summer often include many hours online. We need a plan to keep them occupied in other, meaningful ways. It’s a lot harder to get up and to actually do something, like getting a pencil and paper and clearing a space and sitting down to draw or write. It’s much easier to zone out on the iPad. These are informative and interesting articles, usually checklists. You’re sure to … Read more

What Do You Think About Paying Kids for Good Report Cards?

paying kids for good grades

Hmm…. This question about whether or not paying kids for good report cards is a good idea is a tricky one. For some kids, this might be a big motivation. For others, it’s not necessary. It’s sort of like chores. There are just some things that kids are supposed to do. Do you pay for good grades? Once kids get to a certain age, starting around 8 or 9 years old, depending on the child, there are just some givens. Typically, this would include: Learning to choose healthy food and drinks Showering, brushing teeth, other grooming Doing their best in school … Read more

Making and Keeping Mom Friends When You Move

mom friends moving

My family and I have moved several times. After a few years in a new state and getting settled with housing, school, friends, and routines, we’d end up moving again. Yet, this never stops me and my children from really trying to make a life wherever we are, even knowing it wouldn’t be our forever home. When you move with kids, it’s easy to immerse yourself in settling them. You want to help ensure they have a smooth transition. When your kids are younger, this means you take trips to the park and the pool; you enroll them in activities … Read more

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