Do Our Kids Have Too Many Opportunities?

kids have too many opportunities

Do our kids have too many opportunities? A dear friend asked me: Do I think our kids have it better than we did growing up? At first, it was easy to think in terms of economics. My kids have food, clothing, and shelter. They have toys and their own bedrooms and a safe place to live. They get to go to school. We live in a “safe” area. My kids have all the necessities and aren’t necessarily going without — even if they think they are because they don’t get everything they want. However, my friend asked me this question … Read more

Ways to Get Involved at Your Child’s School and Volunteer

volunteer at your child's school

There are so many reasons to get involved at your child’s school. You will be volunteering your time but you will be the one who will reap the most rewards. In whatever time constraints you have, chances are, there is something in the school you can help with. Due to moving, we’ve been in five different elementary schools, in five school districts. They were all very different in the kind of help they wanted and needed. No matter what, you can get involved if you want to. Many times, there are volunteer jobs you can do from home, which helps … Read more

Have a Plan for Your Day for Your Spare Time

make a plan for the day

When you have a plan for your day, you will feel so much better. Even if you don’t exactly follow it, when you have a few unexpected minutes, you will know what to do. Do you ever find yourself with spare time? As a mom, you know these moments are rare. The very occasional times it happens, it’s easy to fritter it away on social media and other pursuits leaving you feeling like you wasted your time. Planning out your spare moments will enable you to be more productive throughout your day. According to, effective busy moms should schedule … Read more

Making and Keeping Mom Friends When You Move

My family and I have moved several times. After a few years in a new state and getting settled with housing, school, friends, and routines, we’d end up moving again. Yet, this never stops me and my children from really trying to make a life wherever we are, even knowing it wouldn’t be our forever home. When you move with kids, it’s easy to immerse yourself in settling them. You want to help ensure they have a smooth transition. When your kids are younger, this means you take trips to the park and the pool; you enroll them in activities … Read more

Things to Do Before Going Online: for Adults!

things to do before going online

You will see them in April or May. Well-intentioned moms begin sharing¬†articles on Facebook about ways for kids to minimize electronics’ use in the summer. It’s a real issue:¬†Our kids’ long days of summer often include many hours online. We need a plan to keep them occupied in other, meaningful ways. It’s a lot harder to get up and to actually do something, like getting a pencil and paper and clearing a space and sitting down to draw or write. It’s much easier to zone out on the iPad. These are informative and interesting articles, usually checklists. You’re sure to … Read more

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