6 Ways to Monitor Child’s Social Media Accounts

ways to monitor child's social media

Modern parenting is rife with issues and challenges that didn’t exist a mere 10 years ago. Right on top of that long list is social media use. The question is no longer “Should I let my child have their own social media accounts?” For better or worse, that is a battle already lost. Still, there are ways to monitor your child’s social media accounts. Gone are the days when teens got their first cell phones or laptops as birthday or graduation gifts. Right now, gadgets — and with it, social media use — are very much a part of childhood. … Read more

Get that video game console out of your kid’s bedroom

video game console out of bedroom

You want your kids to play electronics less often? Don’t put video game consoles in their bedrooms. And while you’re at it, remove the TV from their bedrooms too. They won’t like it but everyone will be better for it. As kids get older, they are becoming more independent. They are spending more time online and rarely play with toys. This is more the reason for you to keep the video game console in the living room or other common area. Kids need parents less When kids become tweens and teens, parents don’t hear about their days like we used … Read more

Just for Today, I Will Not Nag My Child

stop nagging

All I do is nag my child.  I do not want to be this kind of mom. My time with my child is precious. And it’s limited, especially during the school year when he is gone for hours, then comes home to activities, homework, and sometimes, chores. My few opportunities to have “quality moments” with my tween are rushed. It starts in the morning when I open his blinds and nudge him awake, sometimes losing patience. Then, I’m hurrying him to make and/or eat his breakfast. Not 10-15 minutes later, I’m rushing him to get dressed, brush his teeth and … Read more

Have a Plan for Your Day for Your Spare Time

make a plan for the day

When you have a plan for your day, you will feel so much better. Even if you don’t exactly follow it, when you have a few unexpected minutes, you will know what to do. Do you ever find yourself with spare time? As a mom, you know these moments are rare. The very occasional times it happens, it’s easy to fritter it away on social media and other pursuits leaving you feeling like you wasted your time. Planning out your spare moments will enable you to be more productive throughout your day. According to Parents.com, effective busy moms should schedule … Read more

Ways to Get Involved at Your Child’s School and Volunteer

volunteer at your child's school

There are so many reasons to get involved at your child’s school. You will be volunteering your time but you will be the one who will reap the most rewards. In whatever time constraints you have, chances are, there is something in the school you can help with. Due to moving, we’ve been in five different elementary schools, in five school districts. They were all very different in the kind of help they wanted and needed. No matter what, you can get involved if you want to. Many times, there are volunteer jobs you can do from home, which helps … Read more