Adults Need Attaboys Too: Another Reason Facebook Is So Great

Getting attaboys on Facebook

We really don’t get that many attaboys as adults. Maybe we get a paycheck or we’ve had a somewhat successful week parenting.* Other than that, really, it’s not like our peers and family are saying, “Great job,” to us… ever. Many of us can fill the void with Facebook. Because we handle and accomplish so much each day, we often feel exhausted or stressed. But there’s a way to lift our spirits! We can send a post out to Facebookland and most likely, someone will acknowledge us. Getting positive attention Depending on how many Facebook friends you have, you will … Read more

Bewitched: Why We Love Facebook So Much

Why we love Facebook

Oh, the lure of Facebook. Just think of the friend requests when you see that icon activated. It’s like getting a present: Who wants to be my Facebook friend? When I first joined Facebook, a former co-worker posted to my wall. She jokingly warned me what a big “time suck” Facebook was. This was back in 2008 before it even was a big time suck, compared to nowadays with ever-increasing interacting between its billions of users and trending news stories. Facebook has exploded. And now, years later, boom! We are addicted to and love Facebook. Facebook before it became a habit Initially, Facebook wasn’t … Read more

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