Bewitched: Why We Love Facebook So Much

Why we love Facebook

Oh, the lure of Facebook. Just think of the friend requests when you see that icon activated. It’s like getting a present: Who wants to be my Facebook friend? When I first joined Facebook, a former co-worker posted to my wall. She jokingly warned me what a big “time suck” Facebook was. This was back in 2008 before it even was a big time suck, compared to nowadays with ever-increasing interacting between its billions of users and trending news stories. Facebook has exploded. And now, years later, boom! We are addicted to and love Facebook. Facebook before it became a habit Initially, Facebook wasn’t … Read more

Giving up Facebook for Lent and other times

giving up facebook

It’s a true sign of the times when your Facebook friends start giving up Facebook for Lent. Why give up chocolate or eating between meals when we can work on other habits? It’s awesome seeing people identify their so-called vices or areas in which they’d like to improve. It’s like embarking on a diet or exercise plan or anything else. We’re all just trying to do better, be better, and feel better. Giving up Facebook for Lent The new year and Lent are great times to begin these “giving up X” ventures because they have clear start dates. Meaning, you … Read more

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