Withholding Likes on Facebook: Why Some Moms Won’t Press Like

Oh my goodness; it happened again. I made a Facebook post about something great that happened to me career-wise,* and I found out again who my true (Facebook) friends are. There were a surprising number of people who did not acknowledge my post. Of course, we can’t and don’t all go around Liking every post we see; however, there are those certain people who just can’t give someone extra attention. You know who they are. They are the Facebook friends you have who, when something really good happens, are nowhere to be found on your post.¬†They are purposely withholding Likes … Read more

Giving up Facebook for Lent and other times

giving up facebook

It’s a true sign of the times when your Facebook friends start giving up Facebook for Lent. Why give up chocolate or eating between meals when we can work on other habits? It’s awesome seeing people identify their so-called vices or areas in which they’d like to improve. It’s like embarking on a diet or exercise plan or anything else. We’re all just trying to do better, be better, and feel better. Giving up Facebook for Lent The new year and Lent are great times to begin these “giving up X” ventures because they have clear start dates. Meaning, you … Read more

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