Care Reaction on Facebook ~ At Long Last We Can Hug!

Care button on Facebook

Cheers for the Care emoji. We say, it’s about time. The Care reaction on Facebook is a nice way to acknowledge someone’s situation when you don’t want to be Sad or Angry. Now, you can show you Care with a virtual hug. In the past, if you didn’t want to use the Sad or Angry emojis, the other options were to Like or Love something. The other choices were to Laugh or use the Wow emoji. Oftentimes, none of these were appropriate. During these extra-challenging times, Facebook wanted to give people a way to express support and solidarity. They released … Read more

Check the First 10 Facebook Posts Then Log Off

first 10 Facebook posts

Once I go onto Facebook, I keep going back for more. I do much better not even logging on. However, like many people I talk to, if I don’t go on Facebook every day, or at least every other day, I feel like I’m missing something. Do you know this feeling? We love Facebook. There is much to see and do in Facebookland. It’s easy to get swept away. Just recently I caved and broke my three day “no Facebook” streak. I logged on one morning when I couldn’t make myself get out of bed. I was so glad I did … Read more