And on Day 26, She Has Cheekbones! Four More Days on Whole30

Simply amazing. I have cheekbones! They emerged on Whole30 Day 26, just when I was thinking this Whole30 thing wasn’t working for me.

Sure, I’ve had some success so far on Whole30. For sure, I can focus better. I can actually sit at my computer and finish what I’m working on, even if it’s stressful and challenging.

The Old Me, pre-Whole30, would get up five times for food. I would open browser after browser on my computer thinking of other things to look up.

But now? I can focus on the task at hand. This is huge. I didn’t know I could be like this.

Also great, and I discovered this a few weeks into Whole30: It’s fantastic knowing the reason I’m tired is because I’m actually tired. It’s not from carb crashing after eating pasta or kettle corn, or chocolate and desserts.

And yes, my jeans are a bit looser. We aren’t allowed to weigh in on Whole30 so loose jeans proved I lost weight on Whole30.

But what’s most incredible to me is I can seriously see my cheekbones! They have been long-lost for three years, when I started gaining weight slowly each month, unbeknownst to me.

The weight crept up, and I didn’t even know it until after summer was ending, and I needed to buy jeans in a larger size, my largest size ever.

Whole30 Day 26

Of course I’m finishing Whole30.

Can you imagine how it would feel after working so hard through 26 days, only to give up on the 27th day?

The finish line is right there. No way will I stop now.

Whole30 Day 26 things happening
After suffering through cravings and breaking habits for weeks, I’ve had a breakthrough on Whole30.

Yet, this is sort of ironic. For 26 days, I have been waiting for Day 30. Actually, I’ve been waiting for Day 31, when this will be over.

And now I’m experiencing all of this and seeing success on Day 26. How can I go back to the Old Me when the New Me feels and looks so much better?

I’m a Whole30 success story. This is when the change really starts. This is when the magic happens. For some people it might be sooner. For me, it culminated on Day 26.

Check out my Whole30 Daily Log for a day-by-day journal.

Isn’t it a (first world cruel) irony to think that after working hard (and dare-I-say, suffering) for 26 days, now I see some results?

I really, really wanted to start eating my favorite foods again on Day 31. But now? Now that I’m finally experiencing some tangible and intangible differences in my body and mind?

Making it 26 days so far

How can I think about my mental list of what I was going to start eating once I’m done with Whole30? I was so looking forward to chocolate. My kids and I were going to make donuts. I want brownies.

From my Whole30 Facebook group, it seems many moms will want wine. Many men will crave beer. For me, it’s chocolate.

And I was all set to dive into that bag of Hershey Kisses hidden in my cabinet but now it seems I’m experiencing success on Whole30. My hard work has begun to pay off!

Whole30 Day 26
Lots of great things happened on Whole30 Day 26.

At least if I could have been enjoying this success for a few weeks, I wouldn’t feel so badly stopping Whole30 after it’s over.

But to be on the cusp of such success, only to quit?

Well, technically, I’m not quitting. Technically, I’ve kicked some butt.

I’ve lasted 26 days not eating any processed foods, not consuming dairy or grains or chocolate of any kind. (Yes, it gets its own group in my world.)]

I turned down appetizers, desserts and alcohol at a most fabulous party. I’m taking the extra time to prepare meals and real foods.

Cheers! I’ve made it 26 days!

This is unbelievable for someone who doesn’t love to plan meals and didn’t even know what Whole30 was when I agreed to do it.

And even then didn’t really research well it until days 2 – 5. I decided New Year’s Eve afternoon to start eating all the chocolate I wanted, because I was starting Whole30 come midnight.

You know how you might not notice at all when someone lose 15 pounds, but wow, you notice when that person loses 20 pounds?

That what this is like. I’m on the cusp of just pushing it a little bit more for the floodgates to open and for profound change to happen. How can I start reintroducing foods on Day 31 when this is when the good stuff happens? I’m at the tipping point.

Success on Whole30 Day 26

I know Whole30 people do this longer than 30 days. While I’m ecstatic at my changes, there’s a part of me that’s crushed I was only thinking of this as a month-long commitment.

To stop now just seems like I would be letting myself down. I haven’t kicked my cravings yet. I’m still fantasizing about food. So I guess I’ll see what I do come Whole30 Day 31…. I know I’m excited to weigh in! Check out the things I learned being on Whole30. Start it. You will feel better, be healthier, and be proud of yourself.