Starting Whole30 ~ Some Tips and Thoughts on Starting

A week ago, a friend posted on Facebook about starting Whole30 on January 1st.

She was going to set up a private Facebook group for Facebook friends to support each other.

Not sure of the details of Whole30, I knew it had to be a healthy thing to do. It was interesting that all the people who responded to the post were already so very healthy.

Sure, I thought. I’ll do it too!

I read a bit about it and started to back off thinking there was no way, no how I could do this for one day, much less 30 days.

Sure, as a mom I try to prepare healthy foods but we do eat processed and packaged foods quite frequently.

I snack all day.

Seeking out and following recipes and planning meals are not my interests or strengths. Rarely do I make a shopping list. Usually, I roam each department, buying the usual foods my family eats.

Why do Whole30

There are plenty of reasons to start Whole30.

In the last few years, I’ve been slowly gaining weight. It’s barely noticeable to me, until I see a picture of myself and barely recognize myself.

And even almost worse is I haven’t been able to lose any weight, despite actively trying for six months. In the past, just focusing on healthy eating for a few days could move that scale. Not anymore.

I’ve got chronic joint pain that I don’t want to get worse in my next decade of life.

Also, I’m a stress eater.

And a procrastination eater.

And a I-don’t-know-what-to-do-right-now-so-I’m-going-to-eat-a-bunch-of-chocolate eater.

I eat mindlessly in front of my computer, barely registering what I’m eating.

Years ago, I suffered terribly from acid reflux, and some symptoms are returning as I have started eating later at night again.

So while I’m not too far away from my goal — about 17 pounds — I am fearing if I don’t do something now, that 17 pounds I gained in the last two years will turn into an additional 17 pounds in the next two years.

starting whole30 in January
Starting Whole30 will be something you can be proud of.

Not trying to lose weight on Whole30

Even though I’d love to lose weight, my goal with starting Whole30 is to feel better.

There is nothing more valuable that our health.

I want to do something to make myself healthier and to see how the processed foods I eat all the time are affecting me.

And all that cheese… I adore cheese!

Starting Whole30

It doesn’t matter when you start on Whole30; however, I really enjoyed the momentum of starting Whole30 in the new year.

There is just something magical about that first day — it’s so filled with possibilities. There’s only one of every day of the year, but there’s really only one January 1st.

Also, I was happy to know other people doing it too.

I would have a support system. I wanted to be part of the excitement and feel proud right alongside them when the first week was over, and we were all successful.

Imagine how we would all feel after day 15, 25 and 30?

Yes, I’m doing this!

Whole30-approved meal planning gift subscription

Tips for starting Whole30

Start a Facebook group 

Tell your friends you are doing this, and ask who wants to join in.

Having even one or two people do this with you, being able to share something that’s worked for them or just posting to get through a craving, can be critical to your success.

Enlist someone close to you

Find a support system. This can be another adult in your home or someone you can call or text easily.

Figure out a meal plan system

Sign up for Real Plans meal planning online. It seriously will make eating approved foods easy and saves tons of time on meal planning.  .

Keep your eye on the prize

What date will your 30 days be complete?

Keep thinking about that date, even if you are on Day One and it seems so unbelievably long away.

Remember, the next 30 days will come and go whether you do Whole30 or not.

Think of some easy snacks

Google your snacks to see if it’s okay to eat while on your Whole30 journey.

Right now, I’m thinking olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and figs.

Plan at least a little bit

You may not be someone who meal plans — I never have and never will — but you can at the minimum have some idea of what you can eat and when.

Keep a log of everything you want to eat but aren’t able to right now

For me it’s chocolate anything.

I just made brownies a few days ago and am craving them.

Instead of eating them like I usually do, I’m writing them down.

To get through the cravings, I’m telling myself I can eat anything on this list I want to when the 30 days is over.

What’s great is I know when I do reach Day 30, I probably won’t want those brownies or anything else on my list.

(Check out my massive success when I made it to Day 26!)

Think about what you want to learn

How do you want to change? What are some ways you would like your health to improve?

For me, I want to eliminate my hip and leg pain and to lose weight.

Having goals will help keep you motivated.

(Check out the great things I learned being on Whole30.)

Using Whole30 resources

There are so many books and web resources about Whole30.

It seems they recommend the Real Plans meal planning option for easy shopping and cooking. I’m also looking up Paleo recipes as there are lots of ideas online.

Being a part of Whole30 makes me feel like there is this community of friends who are there to help and encourage and see me through this.

And even better is I look forward to feeling proud of myself.

I know it will encourage me to make healthier choices even after the 30 days. I’m sure to be more mindful of what I’m buying and serving my family.

Be sure to checkout my Whole30 daily log where I go day-by-day through this exciting program.

It really doesn’t matter what day you are interested in starting Whole30. Sure, January 1st is a convenient day, but every day in your life should be significant and valuable.