To brag or humblebrag? That is the question.

humblebragging on Facebook

Facebook is there for the taking. Everyone has their own wall. We can all do what we want with it. It’s our own billboard on the highway. All of our friends get to drive past it. And we get to be in charge of our very own marketing campaign. Humblebrag away! Really, post away! It’s up to you what you post to your wall. Facebook brag or humblebrag You can outright brag on Facebook or you can try to hide it in a humblebrag. The choice is yours. You too can brag and tell the world how great you and … Read more

Adults Need Attaboys Too: Another Reason Facebook Is So Great

Getting attaboys on Facebook

Adults Need Attaboys – We really don’t get that many attaboys as adults. Maybe we get a paycheck or we’ve had a somewhat successful week parenting.* Other than that, really, it’s not like our peers and family are saying, “Great job,” to us… ever. Many of us can fill the void with Facebook. Because we handle and accomplish so much each day, we often feel exhausted or stressed. But there’s a way to lift our spirits! We can send a post out to Facebookland and most likely, someone will acknowledge us. Getting positive attention Depending on how many Facebook friends … Read more

Check the First 10 Facebook Posts Then Log Off

first 10 Facebook posts

Once I go onto Facebook, I keep going back for more. I do much better not even logging on. However, like many people I talk to, if I don’t go on Facebook every day, or at least every other day, I feel like I’m missing something. Do you know this feeling? We love Facebook. There is much to see and do in Facebookland. It’s easy to get swept away. Just recently I caved and broke my three day “no Facebook” streak. I logged on one morning when I couldn’t make myself get out of bed. I was so glad I did … Read more

Posting About Your Kid’s Love Life on Facebook

love life

Your Kid’s love life – I’ve been out with mom friends when the topic turned to which kids were crushing on each other. They discussed who was “going out” and who liked whom. This started when the kids were in kindergarten and first grade. Why are moms talking about this? Bragging about kid’s crushes Some of these moms were clamoring to boast about their kids’ crushes. Many humble bragged about how certain kids “like liked” their kids. Just the other day, a mom was eager to tell me how a girl was “following around” her fourth grade son at recess. … Read more

Can’t We Be United? Facebook and Politics Don’t Mix

Facebook and politics

Facebook and politics don’t mix. If you’ve been on Facebook lately or anytime really, you will have seen it. Political posts on Facebook are rampant. Long gone are the days where we looked forward to logging onto Facebook. Remember the early days when we were so happy to connect with long-ago friends? We would relish in the ability to keep up with dozens — and then hundreds — of friends near and far. But now? Many of those same Facebook friends — along with people you see everyday in real life — use Facebook differently. Now, everyone says whatever they … Read more