Happy Birthday, Facebook Friend! Let’s Celebrate Facebook Birthdays

Facebook birthdays

Bring on the emojis, one of your Facebook friends is having a birthday! Facebook birthday wishes are one of the best things about Facebook. As we get older, there’s not always excitement on our birthdays. Something great about Facebook is that people can send you birthday wishes by posting to your wall. It’s an easy way to reach out and make people feel special on their birthday. Facebook birthday notifications serve as convenient reminders. With Facebook, you have a virtual birthday calendar you can check whenever you want to. Each day, Facebook sends you a birthday notification if any of … Read more

Withholding Likes on Facebook: Why Some Moms Won’t Press Like


Oh my goodness; it happened again. I made a Facebook post about something great that happened to me career-wise,* and I found out again who my true (Facebook) friends are. There were a surprising number of people who did not acknowledge my post. Of course, we can’t and don’t all go around Liking every post we see; however, there are those certain people who just can’t give someone extra attention. You know who they are. They are the Facebook friends you have who, when something really good happens, are nowhere to be found on your post. They are purposely withholding Likes … Read more

Easy Ways to Break the Facebook Habit: 7 Surefire Ways to Help

easy ways to break the Facebook habit

Facebook is so compelling. It’s easy to understand why we love Facebook. Maybe we’re even a little bit addicted. But it’s a balancing act. There’s a fine line between enjoying it for what it is and being obsessed with it. Even if we’re not obsessed, we are probably spending more time on Facebook than we would like. It is indeed a time suck. So, how do you break the Facebook habit? How do you take a break from Facebook? I love chocolate. Sometimes I eat it all day in place of meals. If it’s anywhere in the house, forget it. I will … Read more